MadCap Software is excited to announce the release of MadCap Pulse: the only social collaboration platform that enables technical authors and docs managers to add a complete social layer around their documentation. Pulse enables you to create a real-time thread of ideas, information-sharing, and opinions both inside your organization and with your customers.

MadCap Pulse will help you enhance the quality of your documentation, improve engagement from customers, build communities, and foster the sharing of information.


There are 4 types of users who interact with MadCap Pulse:

  1. The General Public (or non-registered Pulse User): That’s anyone outside of your organization who visits your help system. They have the option of setting up a Pulse account and becoming…
  2. The Basic User (or Customer): These users are able to interact in the Pulse social environment.
  3. The Advanced User (or Employee): Advanced Users are granted special permissions by the Admin and are able to interact with content in more ways than the Basic User.
  4. The Admin: This user is in charge of the whole thing.

Once logged in to MadCap Pulse, users can:

  • Create a profile
  • Post status updates, questions, and articles
  • Vote on answers to questions
  • Search user-added content
  • Rate topics using a star system
  • Comment, like, follow, and tag other users’ content
  • Designate topics as “Favorites”
  • Bookmark content to read later
  • Mention and message other users
  • Keep track of their activity and other users’ interactions with their content.
  • Set notification preferences and receive emails when someone assigns them a task, comments on their posts, or interacts in any way related to them.
  • Create groups, designate them Public or Private, and invite other users to participate in the conversation.
  • Assign tasks to other MadCap Pulse users.
  • Access user activity reports like which phrases people are searching for, how many users are visiting your help system, which people are the most active, and much more.

With Pulse, technical authors can maximize the value of social networking in order to connect, collaborate and share knowledge with authors, employees and customers. And it’s only available from MadCap Software.