Today we are very excited to announce a new release for MadCap Pulse, the latest application designed by MadCap Software.

MadCap Pulse adds analytics & reporting, topic ratings and social collaboration — three components used separately or together — to provide insight into how users use and interact with your content. By leveraging these technologies, MadCap Pulse helps improve your content quality, reduce technical support calls, and enhance the end user experience.

  • Gain Insight into User Activity and Usage with Powerful Analytics & Reporting
  • Add Topic Ratings for Feedback on Content Quality and Helpfulness
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction, Foster Communication and Reduce Support Inquiries by Adding a Social Collaboration Layer to Your Published Documentation

This new release adds features and enhancements that make it easier than ever to gain insight into how users use, value and interact with your content.

New in this release:

Subscribe to Content and Topic Activities

Easily subscribe to content, including feeds, topics and more, all with a single click. You and your users can now be made aware of and view any comments and content updates immediately.

Comment Moderation

Ensure comments are relevant and appropriate by accepting or rejecting posts and user comments. All pending posts are emailed to moderators for approval prior to going live.

File Sharing with Groups and Topics

Share files with others in the community, using the Files app (located under Your Apps), or upload files (documents, videos, images and links) directly to topics in the comment stream.

Email Notifications on User Activity

Receive customized email notifications on user activity, such as when comments are added to topics or when a new group is created. Administrators and Employees can subscribe to topics, and get linked directly to the post/activities for review.

And much more.


Read: MadCap Pulse Case Study

To learn how companies are utilizing MadCap Pulse, read the latest case study from Venafi, a leading cybersecurity firm.

"With Pulse, we can effectively capture search terms to see the relationship between a term entered and whether or not users have found the topics they are looking for. This information is extremely important to further develop our search capabilities.”

—Derek Warren | Principal Information Developer, Venafi

Click HERE to read the full case study.

To learn more about the features and capabilities of MadCap Pulse, you can watch our "Meet Pulse" movie below:


Plus: Register for the Free MadCap Pulse Webinar on July 17, 2014

For more information and a live demonstration of MadCap Pulse, we'll be hosting a free webinar "How MadCap Pulse Can Improve Your Documentation and End User Experience"  on Thursday, July 17 at 8:00AM PDT.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can improve the content and overall usefulness of your documentation, reduce support calls, and gain insight into how your customers are using your documentation. We’ll take an in-depth look at the detailed reports MadCap Pulse has to offer, as well as new features and functionality added to this latest release.

Join Laura Hippert, Technical Support Engineer, as she presents the benefits of adding MadCap Pulse to your documentation.

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Get Started on Your Free 30-day Trial of MadCap Pulse

Finally, to get started with a free trial of MadCap Pulse, click here.

We hope you enjoy this latest release. What do you think about adding a technology like MadCap Pulse to your published documentation? Do you think it will add value to your users, and help your organization improve your documentation? Tell us your thoughts!