In the dynamic world of technical communication and content management, MadCap Software has consistently been at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to help organizations create and deliver exceptional content.  

Trusted by thousands of leading organizations, government agencies and universities around the world, MadCap Software’s single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solutions are designed to streamline the process of creating, managing and publishing content including:  

  • training,  
  • learning & development,  
  • technical documentation,  
  • online Help,  
  • knowledge bases,  
  • and more 

With their recent acquisition of IXIASOFT CCMS, MadCap Software has expanded its product range, by adding a Structured Authoring Component Content Management System (CCMS) to the arsenal of content creation tools. 

IXIA CCMS is designed from the ground up as an enterprise-class DITA CCMS based on the DITA standard, that can be tailored to individual organizational needs. 

By taking a significant step towards creating an ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of companies, this exciting development ensures that MadCap Software solutions is now able to grow alongside and cater to the need of organizations of all sizes. This ecosystem empowers them to achieve their content management goals with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. 

MadCap Software's enhanced range of solutions now covers the spectrum of structured and unstructured content management. Whether you require a CCMS or a comprehensive hosting and publishing solution, MadCap Software has you covered.  

photo with a computer screen showing IXIA CCMS dashboard with people blurred in the background

No matter how you create content, MadCap Software's versatile ecosystem ensures that your needs are met.

A comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of the organization rather than the other way round 

MadCap Software is a leader in developing state-of-the-art technical authoring toolset that can be implemented and used out-of-the-box to streamline  content creation, management, and delivery. With the addition of IXIASOFT CCMS to their product range, MadCap Software now offers a best-in-class Component Content Management System (CCMS) alongside their renowned toolset. This powerful combination creates a comprehensive solution for organizations, enabling them to manage their content seamlessly throughout their lifecycle. 

Many companies face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right documentation tools and methodology for their unique needs.  

“Which solution is the best fit for me?" or "What happens if my operations expand or downsize?"  

In some cases, organizations want to be able to choose multiple solutions for different teams with the ability to share information across the chosen platforms.  

With MadCap Software's comprehensive range of solutions, these scenarios are now effectively covered. Our experienced consultants are equipped to advise you on the best solution for your organization, and the added advantage is the flexibility to seamlessly transition between solutions as your needs evolve. 

This ensures that you have the right tools and support in place at every stage of your organizational journey, and if the situation changes, migration from one to the other is a breeze, while you remain with world-class in-house technical and customer support teams. 

Meeting Diverse Organizational Needs

One of the most significant advantages of MadCap Software's expanded ecosystem is its ability to cater to organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, MadCap Software has the perfect solution to meet your content management requirements. The out of the box solutions, with its user-friendly interface and robust content import, authoring and multi-channel publishing capabilities, allows small and medium sized teams to create and publish high-quality content with ease. At the same time, the CCMS offers advanced content reuse, collaboration, and workflow management features, empowering larger organizations with complex documentation needs to optimize their content creation processes. 

The complexity of documentation varies across organizations, encompassing factors such as content volume, staff numbers, locations, and industry. An additional complexity for documentation teams comes from the adoption of the Agile approach to product development. An organization might thus take the approach of implementing DITA’s micro-topic-based approach, which complements the principles of Agile methodologies. 

Understanding the diverse needs of customers, MadCap Software recognizes that different organizations require varying degrees of content management. By considering these needs, businesses can decide whether they need structured or unstructured content management, aligning their R&D requirements with the appropriate solution. 

image of a laptop and phone showing IXIA CCMS dashboard

Scalable and Flexible Solutions 

Organizational needs continue to evolve, and MadCap Software recognizes this reality. By combining an out-of-the-box solution and a CCMS within their ecosystem, MadCap Software ensures that their solutions can scale alongside companies as they grow. This scalability and flexibility make MadCap Software the go-to choice for businesses seeking long-term content management solutions. 

With the integration of IXIASOFT CCMS into MadCap Software's product lineup, organizations no longer need to worry about requalifying vendors, migrating content to unknown servers, or losing contact with familiar support teams. The addition of IXIASOFT CCMS allows companies to start small, and effortlessly transition to a more robust content management solution as they grow or acquire other companies. This flexibility minimizes disruptions, reduces onboarding costs, and ensures a smooth transition without compromising content creation processes. 

Regulatory Compliance  

Any organization subject to regulatory requirements knows the effort that goes into qualifying new tools and vendors when they try to integrate them into their Quality Management Systems. By staying within the same group, a lot of the security and vendor qualification tasks are taken out of the list of tasks when implementing a new documentation system. 

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Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity 

With MadCap Software's integrated ecosystem, organizations can unlock a host of benefits that enhance their efficiency and productivity. The integration between the MadCap toolset and the CCMS ensures a unified content management experience should the organization change content management strategies. The ability to reuse content across projects, create dynamic outputs, and collaborate in real-time accelerates the content creation process, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality documentation faster than ever before, all of this, independent of the CMS solution they choose.  


By expanding their product offerings with an enterprise-class DITA CCMS, MadCap Software demonstrates its commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of organizations. With seamless transitions, scalability, expert support, and a wide range of content creation approaches, MadCap Software empowers businesses to manage their content efficiently and effectively, while expanding their global presence to better serve customers worldwide. 

image showing all 3 product logos for MadCap Software products

MadCap Software's acquisition of IXIASOFT CCMS has propelled them into a new era of content management solutions. The expanded ecosystem now caters to the diverse needs of organizations, providing a comprehensive range of tools that grow alongside them. From small startups to large enterprises, MadCap Software empowers companies to streamline their content creation, management, and delivery processes efficiently. With their scalable and flexible solutions, organizations can rest assured that their content management needs will be met today and in the future. MadCap Software truly grows with you, enabling you to focus on what matters most: creating exceptional content.

Advantages: MadCap Central and IXIA CCMS


MadCap Central


Centralized content management

  • Allows centralizing and managing content in a cloud-based system.
  • Provides a robust and scalable CCMS for centralized content storage and management. Available either as SaaS or on-premises installation.

Collaboration and version control

  • Enables collaboration and real-time editing with features like topic sharing and output version control.
  • Supports concurrent authoring, collaboration, and full source and output versioning with advanced workflow management capabilities.

Workflow automation

  • Offers automation features such as task assignments, notifications, and approvals to streamline content development processes.
  • Automates content workflows, facilitating content creation, review, translation, and publishing with customizable automation rules.

Content publishing

  • Facilitates seamless publishing to various output formats, including web, print, and mobile.
  • Allows publishing to multiple channels and formats, ensuring content is delivered to the right audience and devices.

Integration and extensibility

  • Integrates with MadCap Flare for a unified content creation and publishing workflow. Offers APIs for customization and integration with other systems.
  • Supports integration with various tools and systems, providing flexibility to extend functionality and integrate with existing software ecosystem.

Translation and localization

  • Provides built-in translation features, including translation memory integration and language support, streamlining the localization process.
  • Offers robust translation and localization capabilities, including content reuse, translation memory management, and terminology management for efficient multilingual content production.

User community and support

  • Offers extensive documentation, video tutorials, webinars, and an active user community for support and knowledge sharing.
  • Provides comprehensive support resources, including documentation, training, and a community of users and experts.