On the heels of MadCap Software’s major announcement of acquiring IXIASOFT, there was such a flurry of excitement, and questions posted to various social media platforms, we felt a blog post expanding on the industry changing news would be helpful. 


Much like MadCap Software, IXIASOFT has been a trusted global leader in the content development market for two decades. Its signature product, IXIASOFT CCMS, is an award-winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) that combines the benefits of a leading cloud-based DITA authoring solution to produce, manage and maximize content reuse of exceptionally large, scalable amounts of content.  

In fact, 70% of IXIASOFT customers are publicly traded corporations; more than 65% have annual revenue of more than US$1B and 60% are on Forbes Global 2000. This clearly shows the power and scalability the platform offers. 

Why Did MadCap Software Acquire IXIASOFT?  

As we all know, the world of content creation and content distribution is vast with organizations having a variety of needs and requirements. For some organizations, a solution that is nimble and quick to deploy fits their immediate needs while in other cases a solution that conforms to strict standards, structure, and is highly scalable is necessary.  

While both MadCap Software and IXIASOFT have award-winning solutions, both companies recognize the significant competitive opportunities the combination offers to address organizations across any vertical and of all sizes. Combining the strengths of these two industry leaders will help a wide range of customers spanning from the individual tech author to the largest of teams and companies with a “best fit solution”.  

With multiple product lines available from the same company, MadCap and IXIASOFT can offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that are scalable, powerful, and agile. The result is a more personalized, long-term partnership with customers, ensuring they always have access to the right tools and support. 

Organizations can now choose best-in-class software solutions from one global leader to address all their content development needs regardless of authoring style, preference, or organization size. 

Is One of the Product Lines Going Away?  

No way! Rest assured, neither the MadCap Software product line nor the IXIASOFT product line are going away easily! Both product lines have their unique strengths and cater to different customer needs; and they will continue to do so.  

The original teams behind both products will remain intact, so if you’re already a customer of either company, you’ll continue to work with the same familiar faces. So sit back, relax, and continue creating and managing content with the peace of mind that both MadCap Software and IXIASOFT are here to stay. 

Immediate Benefits for Content Developers Now and Well Into the Future 

Easily migrate from traditional word processing to the world of topic-based authoring and single-source publishing, and if a more structured cloud-based authoring environment is right for your organization then jump on board with the highly scalable cloud-based DITA CCMS.  

With professional services and support from both organizations working together, you can expect a smooth experience as your needs change vs. a complete retooling and vendor search to start over like many experience today. Just think - a software solution vendor that can now provide a best fit approach based on your needs, timeline, budget, and goals.  

And with all that - the ability to walk before you run and peace of mind that you are partnering with an industry leading solutions provider that has lived and breathed content development and publishing for over two decades. A partner with multiple solutions that supports you now and well into the future regardless of how much content you create and how large your team grows. 

Partners, Associates, and Affiliates 

Both product lines have extensive partners and resellers around the world with no current plans for any changes. Another benefit of the acquisition is the opportunity for IXIASOFT partners to represent the MadCap Software product line while MadCap Software’s partners can represent the IXIASOFT product line. 

What to Expect in the Future 

 Looking ahead, we are thrilled about the potential for future integration between MadCap Software and IXIASOFT products. Our development teams are already working on ways to build bridges between our respective product lines, providing our customers with even more opportunities to scale and grow their publishing systems. We are excited to continue delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

Finally, we want all our customers to know that we are committed to providing top-notch support and solutions now and in the future.