Earlier this month, we added the professional pre-written Employee Handbook Manual template as a free resource for MadCap Flare users. We’re pleased to announce a second pre-written manual template created for the healthcare industry is now available as a free download.

The Medical Office Policy and Procedure Manual template contains comprehensive information on health care and administrative standards that can affect day-to-day operations. The manual serves as an extensive resource for administrative and clinical staff, with a wealth of information on how to comply with medical office policies and procedures.

To preview the medical office policy and procedure manual, click here for a sample web output. To view a PDF output, click here.

How to Download the Medical Office Policy and Procedure Template to Flare

  1. Click Download Template from the MadCap Flare Project Templates page.
  2. Double click on the .flprjzip file.
  3. Flare will open and prompt you to unpack the ZIP file. This will create a project.

What to Expect From the Pre-Written Manual

This extensive template in policy manual software makes it easy for users to create a manual packed with information vital to any medical organization. Integrated with features such as variables, conditional text, and snippets, manuals created from the MadCap Flare project can be easily customized and tailored to fit different audiences.

Knowing what information to include into a manual can be a daunting task. With the pre-written template, you can leverage comprehensive information on topics such as financial management, medical records management, infection control policies and more. The complete manual contains a wide range of information on health care and administrative standards, such as:

Operational Policies for Physicians and Staff

Are employees aware of key staff at the office, and who to contact during absences, holidays, or emergencies? Give employees an easy reference on policies that govern daily operations, including personnel management, hours of work, and communication guidelines between patients and employees.

Managing Office Visits

Medical offices frequently maintain patient appointments based on patient clinical need, patient preference, clinical staff availability, and time requirements for the type of appointment. The manual provides guidelines on how to manage changes and issues that may arise during a typical office visit, such as new patient registration, insurance validation, and emergency cases.

Consent Policies

If a patient lacks the capacity (the ability to understand the nature and consequences of the proposed treatment), the patient’s representative has the right to give informed consent or refusal on the patient’s behalf. Inform staff with procedures that cover what to do when a minor requires patient care, such as the information required on a consent form, how to comply with specific procedures, and details on how to obtain parental consent.

Maintaining Medical Records

Medical records are vital in ensuring that consistent care is provided for patients. The manual provides easy access to protocols on how to maintain and ensure the safety of medical records. In addition, samples of forms such as confidentiality agreements and authorization forms which can be edited and customized, and then easily printed for patients to complete.

Emergency Plan Procedures

Having a clear procedure in the event of an emergency is a vital component of a medical office manual. Detailed procedures can provide employees with guidelines on what to do during an emergency or disaster, and how to ensure patient and staff safety. The manual includes emergency plans in the event of an evacuation, earthquake, fire, power outage, and more.

Note: Documents may not reflect the compliance issues relevant to your state, locality or organization. Any materials created with these documents should be reviewed by your legal counsel for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and should be modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry and practices.

We hope you enjoy this new resource. If you're a new MadCap Flare user and want to learn more about the core features and capabilities, our Introductory Training course is available as pre-recorded modules, and included with all free trials.

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