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This course was designed for new and intermediate level Flare users. It also includes extensive tips, advanced techniques, and challenge exercises for experienced users.

Course Overview

This course uses a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice exercises to explore the major features of Flare. By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to develop online and print targets such as help systems, knowledge bases, policies and procedures, and user guides.

During this hands-on course, a Certified Flare Instructor will cover:

  • Creating and configuring TOCs, glossaries, indexes, and the full-text search
  • Linking to topics, websites, and PDFs
  • Adding drop-down, expanding, and toggler links
  • Designing content using stylesheets and table stylesheets
  • Designing targets using template pages, skins, and page layouts
  • Single sourcing using condition tags
  • Reusing content using variables and snippets
  • Sharing files between projects
  • Setting up, building, and publishing print and online targets


2-day On-site or 3-day Web-based Training

Course Fee: $1,099 $999

What’s Covered in This Course

Course overview

  • Welcome
  • Target Audience
  • Course Overview
  • Preparing Your Computer for the Course

Table of Contents

  • About TOCs
  • Using Multiple TOCs
  • Creating a TOC Book
  • Creating a TOC Page
  • Using Drag-and-Drop to Add Books and Pages to a TOC
  • Re-arranging Items in the TOC Editor
  • Finding Topics that Are Not in the TOC
  • Locating a Topic in the Content Explorer
  • Opening Topics from the TOC
  • Practice & Challenge

Index and Full-text Search

  • About the Index
  • Adding Index Terms Using the Index Entry Window
  • Automatically Adding Index Terms
  • About the Full-text Search
  • Creating a Search Synonym File
  • Adding Directional and Group Synonyms
  • Practice & Challenge


  • About the Glossary and Glossary Editor
  • Adding Terms to the Glossary
  • Adding Popup Glossary Definitions to Online Targets
  • Reviewing the Glossary and Glossary Links
  • Practice & Challenge


  • About Cross References and Hyperlinks
  • Linking to a Topic with a Cross Reference
  • Linking to a Bookmark
  • Linking to a PDF with a Hyperlink
  • Linking to a Website with a Hyperlink
  • Viewing Links
  • Finding and Fixing Broken Links
  • Practice & Challenge

Drop-down, Expanding, and Toggler Links

  • Inserting a Drop-down Link
  • Inserting an Expanding Text Link
  • Inserting a Toggler Link
  • Practice & Challenge


  • About Styles
  • About Inline Formatting and Stylesheets
  • Creating a Stylesheet
  • Modifying a Style
  • Applying a Stylesheet to All Topics
  • Applying a Topic-level Stylesheet
  • Creating a Style
  • Applying a Style Class
  • Using Medium Types
  • Learning More
  • Practice & Challenge

Template Pages

  • About Template Pages
  • Creating a Template Page
  • Adding a Proxy to a Template Page
  • Adding Content to a Template Page
  • Applying a Template Page to a Target
  • Practice & Challenge

Page Layouts

  • About Page Layouts
  • Creating a Page Layout
  • Adding Content to a Header or Footer
  • Setting the Page Size and Margins
  • Viewing Topics in a Page Layout Mode
  • Applying a Page Layout to a Target
  • Practice & Challenge


  • About Skins
  • Skin Design Options
  • Creating a Skin
  • Editing a Skin
  • Applying a Skin to a Target
  • Practice & Challenge

Variables and Snippets

  • About Variables and Snippets
  • Creating a Variable
  • Modifying a Variable
  • Inserting a Variable
  • Hiding Variable Names and Highlighting Definitions
  • Creating a Snippet from Existing Content
  • Creating a Snippet
  • Inserting a Snippet into a Topic
  • Editing a Snippet
  • Practice & Challenge

Condition Tags

  • About Condition Tags
  • Creating a Tag
  • Applying a Tag to a File or Folder
  • Applying a Tag to Content
  • Viewing a Topic Using Tags
  • Previewing a Topic Using Tags
  • Practice & Challenge

Topic Reviews

  • About Track Changes
  • Tracking Changes
  • Reviewing Tracked Changes
  • Adding an Annotation to a Topic
  • Viewing and Hiding Annotations in a Topic
  • Locking Elements
  • Sending a Topic for Review
  • Accepting or Rejecting Review Changes
  • Accepting a Reviewed Topic

Project Links and External Resources

  • About Project Links
  • Importing Files from a Flare Project
  • About External Resource Linking
  • Importing an External Resource
  • Synchronizing External Resources

Targets and Output Types

  • About Targets and Output Types
  • Selecting an Output Type
  • Scenarios for Output Types
  • Determining How Many Targets You Need
  • Scenarios for Targets
  • Creating and Configuring Targets

HTML5 and Clean XHTML

  • About HTML5 and Clean XHTML
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Adding Meta Descriptions for SEO
  • Creating an HTML5 Target
  • Configuring an HTML5 Target
  • Building an HTML5 Target
  • Creating a Publishing Destination
  • Publishing an HTML5 Target


  • About PDF and EPUB Targets
  • How Online Features Convert to PDF Documents
  • Creating a PDF Target
  • Configuring a PDF Target
  • Building a PDF Target

Microsoft Word

  • About Creating a Word Document
  • How Online Features Convert to Word Documents
  • Creating a Word Target
  • Configuring a Word Target
  • Building a Word Target


  • Source Control
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Context-sensitive Help
  • DITA
  • Markdown
  • Meta Tags, File Tags, and Project Reports
  • Importing Doc-to-Help Projects
  • Importing RoboHelp Project
This course was a great investment. The instructor did an excellent job making sure we understood Flare from a big-picture perspective and learned how to apply its capabilities to our own projects. Very easy to follow along and gave practical answers to all of our questions. After taking the course, I have a clear picture of how to structure, design, and edit my project, and I’m excited rather than daunted by the prospect of diving in!

Bill Brock

Upcoming Intermediate Training Course

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October 24-26, 2022

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MadCap Flare Intermediate Training, Web-based (Europe)

Led by Mike Hamilton, MadCap Flare Certified Instructor, this 3-day online training course will cover a variety of topics including creating and configuring TOCs, linking topics, adding drop-downs, designing content and more.

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