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White paperComparison Guide: Choosing Between Help Authoring Tools and CCMSs

White paper Comparison Guide illustration

What’s Inside This Comparison Guide

When deciding between a HAT (help authoring tool) and a CCMS (component content management system) to create online Help and documentation, there’s a couple of key factors to consider. This comparison guide touches upon topics that may help your company distinguish the difference between these two tools, and determine which solution best meets your needs.

Download the Comparison Guide: Choosing Between Help Authoring Tools and CCMSs, for a comparative look at the feature sets and what requirements to consider when picking an authoring tool. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The definitions of help authoring tools, CMSs, and CCMSs
  • The differences in major features of HATs and CCMS
  • The factors involved in making a cost analysis between the two tools