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OASIS DITA Committee

DITA isn’t just part of a job. It’s a lifestyle. As Sponsor Members, partners, and friends of OASIS DITA committees, IXIASOFT, now part of MadCap Software has supported the DITA standard for years. Our commitment to DITA runs deep; we’re constantly spreading our passion and knowledge with the community, and finding innovative ways to move the product forward.

Why MadCap Software Invests in the Future of DITA

As OASIS DITA Committee members, MadCap Software remains at the forefront of DITA knowledge. We are active and passionate in ongoing discussions about the future development of DITA and how to disseminate DITA best practices.

We take pride in our customers, and are open to bringing their ideas and recommendations to the DITA committees for consideration. We are constantly looking for ways to evolve and better the future of DITA—for our customers and for the rest of the community.

Technical Committee

The OASIS DITA Technical Committee brings together a dynamic group of industry experts—the driving force behind the development and management of the DITA specification. Éric Sirois of MadCap Software has the privilege of acting as a voting member on DITA’s Technical Committee. The committee is comprised of only 16 active voting members, including founders from IBM and current MadCap Software customers. MadCap Software is proud to be part of this panel.

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Leigh White

DITA Specialist,
MadCap Software

Leigh White is a DITA Specialist, where she works with product integrations, product design, and marketing communications. Leigh has spoken on DITA, content management systems content conversion, and DITA-OT plugin development at a number of industry conferences, including DITA North America, DITA Europe, Intelligent Content, Lavacon, Writers UA, DITA Netherlands, and Congility. She is the author of DITA For Print: A DITA Open Toolkit Workbook and a contributor to The Language of Content Strategy and The Language of Technical Communication. Leigh is also a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.

photo of Éric Sirois

Éric Sirois

Software Developer and DITA Toolsmith,
MadCap Software

Éric is a software developer and DITA Toolsmith at MadCap Software. He’s also our DITA guru. He brings his extensive depth of practical experience of XML-based tool development to his role as a member of the DITA Technical Committee.

OASIS DITA Committee - General Members

Some of our key executives are general members of the OASIS DITA Committee, sharing their industry insights and knowledge.

photo of Éric Bergeron

Éric Bergeron

Advisor to the CEO,
MadCap Software

Éric is the co-founder of IXIASOFT. He provides tactical direction to all divisions and oversees the growth strategy of the company. He honed his leadership skills during his years as a college hockey coach and professor. Éric is a published author in the field of computer science. He’s also an avid golfer, fisherman, wine lover, and foodie.

photo of Jean-François

Jean-François Ameye

Chief Product Officer,
MadCap Software

Jean-François has been with the MadCap IXIA CCMS product since its inception in 1998. He’s our product guy and problem-solver, ensuring a seamless relationship between user and product. Having worked directly with most of MadCap Software's IXIA CCMS customers, he knows how to turn any problem into a solution. In the office, Jean-François uses an old CD-ROM as a coaster. When he’s not working (which is rare) you can find him whipping down a mountain on skis, biking slowly, or playing hockey.

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