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UC San Diego, Extension Uses MadCap Flare to Make Learning Technical Communications and Topic-Based Authoring Practices More Intuitive

New Case Study From MadCap Software Examines How the MadCap Scholar Program and MadCap Flare’s Modern, Intuitive Approach to Topic-Based Authoring Help Students to Understand and Implement Online Content Development Best Practices

La Jolla, CA, USA — May 1, 2013 — MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Visual Studio and Microsoft XPS, today announced that it has published a new case study on UC San Diego, Extension. Since 2011, the university has taken advantage of the MadCap Scholar software licensing program to make MadCap Flare an integral part of the “Writing Online Documentation” course. The class uses MadCap Flare to teach best practices for online authoring, such as topic-based authoring and content linking. In 2012, the course was designated a requirement for obtaining the UC San Diego, Extension Technical Communications Certificate. The full case study is available at:

UC San Diego, Extension is dedicated to serving the critical lifelong knowledge and skill development needs of individuals and organizations by offering continued education and degree-related programs that demonstrate real-world best practices required in professional careers. In the UCSD Extension Technical Communications Certificate, "Writing Online Documentation" course, this commitment means giving students hands-on experience in applying the latest online documentation best practices. Today, UCSD Extension's authoring tool of choice is MadCap Flare. Among the key benefits:

  • The MadCap Scholar program allows the university to obtain a license-key to cover the entire nine-week course, enabling MadCap Flare to be used as an integral part of the class.
  • The modern, intuitive Flare user interface provides a familiar look-and-feel that makes it easier for students to learn unfamiliar concepts, such as topic-based authoring.
  • MadCap support, tutorials, and the MadCap user community provide resources to help students obtain the answers they need to successfully complete their projects.

“It is often difficult for students to wrap their arms around topic-based authoring concepts because it is very different from the chapter-based approach they are more familiar with,” said Suzanne Hosie, an instructor in the UC San Diego, Extension Technical Communications program. “With Flare, they have an intuitive tool for understanding the concepts, so rather than fight with a tool, we can focus on the concepts. That's huge.”

“As one of the premier institutions for continuing education, UC San Diego, Extension plays a critical role in empowering authors to meet real-world demands of online technical communications in today’s businesses,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by the Extension’s success in taking advantage of Flare’s intuitive, state-of-the-art approach to topic-based authoring, the higher education licensing options of our MadCap Scholar program, and the wealth of practical knowledge from the extensive global MadCap user community to help students acquire the skills they need in today’s market.”

About UC San Diego, Extension

As the professional education and public service division of UC San Diego, Extension is focused on being a major catalyst for the continued economic, intellectual, and cultural growth of the San Diego and Baja California region. Core offerings include professional education and training, cultural enrichment, and regional economic solutions. Whether starting a new career, building a company, or developing a deeper appreciation of the world, Extension has the resources students need to get started. For more information, visit

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