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ARCOM Streamlines Delivery of Print Documentation and Online Help for Construction Specifications Software with MadCap Flare

New Case Study from MadCap Software Examines How Flare's Ability to Import Microsoft® Word and Single-Source Publishing Speed Delivery of Multiple Product Guides and Help Systems

La Jolla, CA, USA — April 16, 2013 — MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft® (NASDAQ: MSFT) Visual Studio and Microsoft® XPS, today announced that it has published a new case study on ARCOM. The leader in specifications for the construction industry, ARCOM uses MadCap Flare to facilitate contributions from its specification writing and software development teams, and publish print and Web content from the same Flare project. The full ARCOM case study is available at:

ARCOM is dedicated to helping design and building professionals easily produce the most accurate specifications in the construction industry. Since 1995, it has published MasterSpec®, the industry’s preeminent master guide specification system, on behalf of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). Additionally, ARCOM delivers the SpecWare® suite of software productivity tools for taking advantage of MasterSpec by automating construction specification development and editing. To help customers of its SpecWare tools, the company publishes Web-based Help and print documentation using MadCap Flare. Among the key benefits ARCOM has realized:

  • Flare's ability to import Microsoft® Word lets ARCOM's specification writing and software development teams contribute content for documentation and Web-based Help systems using a familiar application.
  • Single-sourcing allows various Help versions and product guides for SpecWare software tools to be published from the same Flare project.
  • Separation of style from content makes it easy to adjust formatting without affecting text, facilitating the ability to maintain the ARCOM brand.
  • Native mobile publishing in Flare enabled rapid delivery of a prototype mobile Help system, laying the groundwork for ARCOM to offer mobile Help for all of its software tools.

“At the heart of it, our customers rely on us to provide the tools and accurate information they need for their construction projects to succeed. With Flare, creating the content to help them get the most out of these tools is easier than ever,” said Gregory Owens, ARCOM senior quality assurance engineer. “From our first trial period we were able to do everything that we wanted to do and then some, and as we grow our requirements, Flare continues to deliver.”

“As the AIA’s designated provider of its preeminent MasterSpec specifications system, ARCOM places a top priority on delivering information that is informative, intuitive, and actionable,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by ARCOM’s success in using Flare to facilitate collaboration among its many specifications writers with Word import support, as well as enable single-source publishing to customers’ format of choice—whether in print or on the Web.”


Since 1987, ARCOM has been a key player in the growth and automation of specifications for the construction industry. Today, ARCOM’s over 45 specification writers, architects, engineers, editors, researchers, software developers, and support personnel operate MasterSpec, SpecWare, SpecAgent from its Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters and offices in Alexandria, Virginia. ARCOM’s full-time specification writers are the most experienced group of specification writers in the industry and spend a combined 30,000 hours per year researching and writing the company’s specification content. For more information, visit

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