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Photo of Oliver Howell

Oliver Howell

Head of Technical Communication, Avaloq Innovation

Oliver leads a team of Scottish-based technical writers providing documentation for the Avaloq group, an international provider of financial software and services. With over 20 years’ software development experience, he made an early switch from code to content, following a passion for language and writing that has led him from development to communications and back again. A former RoboHelp® veteran, Oliver has recently discovered the joys of MadCap Flare and is enjoying tackling some complex system architecture, UX and Content Strategy challenges with it. Jack of all trades, master of none.

MadWorld 2017 Sessions Presented by Oliver Howell:

Monday, April 3

1:30-2:25 PM

Case Study: The Great Migration

Track 3 Case Study • MadCap Flare • MadCap Contributor • MadCap Pulse

Migrating to MadCap Flare from a bespoke but aging heavyweight Component CMS in 7 easy steps. How do you get over 5000 documents from Schema ST4 into Flare, recreate the existing PDFs and chop the content into nice responsive HTML with Pulse providing the interactive backend? In this session, Oliver Howell discusses how he led his team to a successful migration from a legacy authoring system, running an Agile development project internally and overcoming numerous challenges along the way (including building a business case for change!).

Tuesday, April 4

1:30-2:25 PM

MadCap Flare: The Best All-Rounder for a Winning Content Strategy

Track 1 Basic/Intermediate • MadCap Flare • Single Sourcing • Responsive Design

The trouble with implementing MadCap Flare at an organization is that there’s no end to its usefulness. You might have found your solution for technical documentation but you’ll soon get other jealous departments asking you to look at their marketing content, training materials, newsletters and corporate communications. A practical but innovative view of how Flare can help you deal with every single sourcing and responsive design challenge your company might throw at you.