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Photo of Lindsay Vannarsdall

Lindsay Vannarsdall

Documentation Manager, Data Innovations, LLC

Lindsay Vannarsdall has worked as a technical writer for a medical software company in South Burlington, Vermont for the past seven years. In that time, she and her team transitioned from authoring user guides in Adobe® InDesign to authoring them in MadCap Flare. Transitioning to Flare and the MadPak Suite opened up a world of possibilities for her and her documentation team. They now also use MadCap Contributor and MadCap Analyzer to simplify topic review and MadCap Lingo and MadCap Capture to streamline big translation projects that would barely have been possible before MadCap. Lindsay lives in Colchester, Vermont with her 9-year old daughter, Laila, and their cat Tigger.

MadWorld 2017 Sessions Presented by Lindsay Vannarsdall:

Monday, April 3

2:35-3:30 PM

Using MadCap Contributor and MadCap Analyzer for MadCap Flare Topic Review

Track 2 Case Study • MadCap Flare • MadCap Analyzer • MadCap Contributor

In this session, Documentation Manager, Lindsay Vannarsdall, gives an in-depth look on how to successfully integrate MadCap Contributor and MadCap Analyzer with MadCap Flare to simplify help file reviews. Learn how her team of technical writers and SMEs streamlined the review process using Contributor’s track changes and Analyzer’s reporting functionality to perform and review changes. In addition, she’ll also give a use case on how to use Flare’s file tags to identify files that require review.

Tuesday, April 4

1:30-2:25 PM

Streamlining the Translation Process: MadCap Flare, MadCap Capture, and MadCap Lingo

Track 3 Case Study • MadCap Flare • MadCap Lingo • MadCap Capture • Translation

This presentation will cover the tight integration between MadCap Flare, MadCap Capture and MadCap Lingo to manage the translation process and facilitate the task of generating and formatting translated user content. Learn how MadCap Lingo easily parses Flare projects for translation delivery, easily exports translated content to a new Flare file, and maintains important project files across this transition. Project files, such as stylesheets and page layouts, easily control formatting in the translated output. In addition, you’ll learn how MadCap Lingo can pull text objects from MadCap Capture images to aid in automating the creation of translated image text.