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Photo of Cheryl Landes

Cheryl Landes

Technical Communications Consultant, Tabby Cat Communications

Cheryl Landes, a technical communications consultant and certified MadCap Advanced Developer from Vancouver, WA, founded Tabby Cat Communications in 1995. Her specialties are technical documentation, marketing communications, instructional design, and findability. She has written five books, published many magazine and journal articles, and blogs about travel at

MadWorld 2017 Sessions Presented by Cheryl Landes:

Monday, April 3

1:30-2:25 PM

Best Practices for Creating Policies and Procedures

Track 2 Tools Neutral • Policies and Procedures • MadCap Doc-To-Help • Microsoft® Word

Every company has policies and procedures, and often administrative staff and technical communicators help create and publish these documents. Policies and procedures are broad-reaching, because they affect all employees. Even creating policies and procedures involves more people at every level of an organization given the nature of the content, creating a variety of challenges uncommon in other types of communication projects. In this presentation, Cheryl Landes, Technical Communications Consultant and owner of Tabby Cat Communications, will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them. She will present ten best practices that will help you successfully develop and publish policy and procedure documents, regardless of the project size, and become the policy guru in your organization.

Tuesday, April 4

10:55-11:50 AM

Leveraging Word Content for MadCap Doc-To-Help

Track 3 Basic/Intermediate • MadCap Doc-To-Help • Microsoft® Word

Microsoft® Word works seamlessly with MadCap Doc-To-Help to create documents in a variety of formats from the same source content. The keys to successful projects are planning and preparation in Word before importing Word documents into Doc-To-Help. By doing this, you can take advantage of Doc-To-Help’s features to quickly create your topics and organize your content. In this session, Cheryl Landes, Technical Communications Consultant and owner of Tabby Cat Communications, will provide tips for planning for migrating Word content to Doc-To-Help and how to set up the content in Word so that it converts easily. She will also talk about the benefits of using Doc-To-Help with Word to create long documents.