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The MadWorld 2017 Conference Recap

My second MadWorld is now in the books. A huge thank you to MadCap for putting on a great conference and for having a fantastic product that makes our work lives so much more efficient. Thank you to all of the speakers for sharing your knowledge with us, and to the Hard Rock for being a gracious host. Safe travels, everyone!
photo of Bryan Anderton

Bryan Anderton

MadWorld support staff members assisting attendees View of the audience at MadWorld 2017
View of MadWorld attendees gathered in the hospitality lounge

The MadWorld 2017 Hospitality Lounge

Fantastic conference this year. Met interesting new folks, connected with old friends, and learned a lot more than I knew. Enjoy, everybody! Look forward to next year’s event.

Steve Janoff

Photo of Steve Janoff

My 5th MadWorld was one of the best. So.Many.Notes. #MadWorld2017

Chris Freeman @CFree22

Photo of Chris Freeman
View from the audience at the MadWorld general session

Starting the conference with a general session.

MadWorld attendee and staff member at laptop
MadWorld speakers and attendee in the hospitality lounge
View from the audience at a MadWorld session
Really big thanks to all the people in the Hospitality Lounge. You guys deserve trophies for Herculean patience and listening skills. Thanks for making a newbie feel at ease!
photo of Patrick Dunnegan

Patrick Dunnegan

So long San Diego and MadCappers! It was a fun and informative conference. My teammates and I have all sorts of tricks, tips, and inspiration as we sail back home! #firsttimer #notthelast
photo of Mike Jasper

Mike Jasper

It was great to meet so many wonderful people at #MadWorld2017 Thanks for the fantastic event!

3di Poland @3di_poland

3di Logo

Best MadWorld yet! Can’t wait until next year! Great job to all the presenters and the MadCap team!

Hennah Rahman

Photo of Steve Janoff
View from the audience as Scott DeLoach presents at MadWorld

A MadWorld 2017 Presentation by Scott DeLoach

Ramy just helped me resolve an issue that was preventing me from using dynamic preview, plus took a huge list of feature requests. I am such a happy Flare camper right now. #elated.

Gina George

Photo of Gina George

Got some excellent help at the Hospitality Lounge. #problemsolved Such a wonderful resource at this awesome conference!

Jennifer Cram

Photo of Steve Janoff
Conference goers gathered at Moonshine Flats for an evening event

Networking event at Moonshine Flats

MadWorld attendees networking in the hospitality lounge
Attendees gathered at the Hard Rock Hotel patio
view from the audience as Nita Beck presents
Thanks to everyone! It is not so rare to be part of a group of like-minded people. It IS rare to be a part of a group that is so sharing and synergistic. I feel lucky to be a part of MadWorld. Until next year.
photo of David T. Menges

David T. Menges

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