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Photo of Germán Basterra

Germán Basterra

Translation Manager

Germán Basterra has more than 15 years of experience in the localization industry and is Translation Manager and L&T Tools lead at Nestlé GLOBE. Born in Bilbao (Spain) he studied Sociology and Social Anthropology and has a Ph. D. in Sociolinguistics from the University of Marburg (Germany). He participated in the global roll out of the Nestlé GLOBE template starting 2003 in the areas of SAP localization and translation of training materials. A major focus of his work is the integration between language technologies and authoring/training tools within the context of a corporate system landscape.

Sessions Presented by Germán Basterra:

Wednesday, September 12

1:45-2:40 PM

Achieving Translation Quality with an End-to-end MadCap Software Content Lifecycle

Track 2 MadCap Flare MadCap Contributor MadCap Lingo MadCap Central Translation

MadCap Software offers a fully integrated translation tool in addition to their other products covering the full content lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to contribution and review to translation. But how can MadCap Flare, MadCap Contributor, MadCap Lingo, MadCap Central, and other MadCap Software products all work together to improve the overall quality of your translation process? In this session, Germán Basterra will discuss the integration of these different applications and provide best practices validated in large multilingual Flare projects at Nestlé.

Thursday, September 13

9:30-10:30 AM

MadCap Lingo and Other Translation Tools: Usage Scenarios, Choices and Cooperation

Track 2 MadCap Lingo Translation

MadCap Lingo is particularly well integrated for working with MadCap Flare projects. However, many translators are not aware of the capabilities of MadCap Lingo and are often unwilling to use new translation tools for fear of reducing productivity. At the same time, in specific projects other translation tools must be used simply because they are part of the clients’ landscape. So for one reason or another, MadCap Lingo users often need to manage other tools in a wider translation landscape. This session will discuss different scenarios, evaluate the pros and cons of different tools depending on use case and present possibilities of cooperation between the tools.