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Photo of Eloise Lewis

Eloise Lewis

Senior Technical Author


Eloise Lewis is the Senior Technical Author at FinTech company JHC Systems Ltd. She has been writing user assistance since 2010, driving the move from separate Word and PDF documents to a fully integrated online support centre. Eloise is always looking for innovative ways to create the best experience for users.

Sessions Presented by Eloise Lewis:

Wednesday, September 12

10:15-11:10 AM

Using MadCap Flare to Write for One Product with Different User Experiences

Track 1 MadCap Flare User Experience

For many years, JHC Systems’ product has had a greenscreen user interface. Think 80s games on the BBC Micro, or hacking into the Matrix. A few years ago, they decided to give the system a facelift, and present the same functionality in a modern, mouse-driven GUI. So far so simple, right? But what do you do when most users are still on the old system? Or when a phased approach means half the screens aren’t even available in the new GUI? In this session, Eloise Lewis describes her journey of trial and error, looking at the various approaches her team has tried, and why they weren’t satisfied. She’ll then reveal how JHC Systems harnessed the power of MadCap Flare to design a solution that authors, users, product developers, client relationship managers and the sales team are all happy with.

Thursday, September 13

4:20-5:20 PM

Interactive Wizards in MadCap Flare

Track 2 MadCap Flare CSS JavaScript

Do you want to make your user assistance a more interactive experience? Guide users through a complex task? Offer an advanced troubleshooting tool? In this session, Eloise Lewis looks at how to create a click-through wizard within your MadCap Flare project for HTML5 Top Navigation outputs. Learn how wizards can be used in a whole range of scenarios, including (but not limited to) stepping users through a complex task and helping users select the correct tool. With the use of a few tags, some CSS and a little JavaScript, you too can transform your static content into a dynamic, user-led story. Note: all attendees will receive a sample project that includes a template wizard that can be adapted and amended to suit your needs. Attendees should be comfortable using nested tags and have a good working knowledge of CSS.