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Ellis Pratt


Ellis Pratt is a Consulting Technical Communicator and Director at Cherryleaf, a technical writing services company. He has been working in technical communication since the early 1990s. He has a degree in Business Studies, and is a member of organizations such as the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the ISTC Management Council. In 2017, he was listed as one of the top 25 Content Experience influencers in the world. In addition, Ellis was a contributor to two books: Current Practices and Trends in Technical Communication, and The Language of Technical Communication.

Sessions Presented by Ellis Pratt:

Wednesday, September 12

4:25-5:20 PM

Technical Authoring in an Agile World

Track 1 Agile Tools Neutral

Agile development has been growing rapidly in the software industry and other industries. While the agile development model may make sense from a product development perspective, the methodology doesn’t explain the best way to create Help content for users. In this presentation, Ellis Pratt will look at how authoring teams have responded to this challenge and developed agile approaches to technical writing.

Thursday, September 13

1:30-2:30 PM

Technical Documentation as Self-service Support

Track 1 Tools Neutral Documentation Best Practices

In this session, Ellis Pratt will look at the different approaches to self-service support, and the role of the technical communicator within that environment. He’ll explore questions such as where end-user documentation fits in self-service support, and the realities of expecting users to write content. And finally, Ellis will discuss whether software-as-a-service changes the type of support an organization needs to provide.