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Photo of Brigit van Loggem

Brigit van Loggem

Senior Documentation Developer

Brigit van Loggem started working as a technical writer in the late 1980s and is now a senior documentation developer at CGG GeoSoftware, a software company that supports seismic-to-reservoir simulation (S2S) workflows in the Oil & Gas industry. Her responsibilities cover every aspect of the software's Help system and training courses, including delivery format, information architecture, tooling (MadCap Flare), and the way information flows from developers and software engineers. In addition, Brigit holds both an MSc and a PhD in the field of software documentation.

Sessions Presented by Brigit van Loggem:

Wednesday, September 12

4:25-5:20 PM

Beyond MadCap Flare: Creating a Unified Help System for Multiple Products

Track 2 MadCap Flare Project Management Online Help

CGG GeoSoftware consists of very diverse software products. Originally developed in separate companies, all have their own architecture, development methodology, programming environment, user interaction and method for showing Help. The goal was to provide context-sensitive Help in all their software products, where all Help systems have the same format, are displayed in the same viewer, have the same look-and-feel and functionality, and are updated in the same manner. Getting technical writers to all use MadCap Flare was the first step on the road towards this Unified Help System. In this session, learn how the team at CGG wrote the interface that links the Help to the software and configured Flare to deliver exactly what this interface expects.