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Photo of Ray Davis

Ray Davis

Manager, Global Service Operations Technical Communications

Ray Davis manages a team of technical writers dedicated to creating service and repair instructions for complex, life-saving medical equipment including surgical navigation systems and three-dimensional x-ray scanners. He has more than 20 years of experience documenting diverse topics including business processes and medical equipment.

Sessions Presented by Ray Davis:

Monday, June 4

3:00-3:55 PM

How MadCap Flare Promotes Safety and Effectiveness in Service Documentation

Track 4 MadCap Flare Topic-Based Authoring

The FDA has as its number one rule: “safe and effective”. Everything else stems from that single directive. A drug, a therapy, a product has to be provably safe for the patient, and provably effective against the condition that you claim to improve. “Safe and effective” is just as important for service and repair instructions, engineer repairing systems, and the doctors and technicians who eventually use these systems. For safety and effectiveness, consistency is key. Welcome to the world of topic-based authoring for service and repair instructions using MadCap Flare. This presentation will demonstrate how we use Flare to write and test across more topics, bring down errors and inconsistencies, and release more procedures, getting our surgical systems up and running faster, and positively impacting the lives and health of patients worldwide.