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Photo of Laura Dent

Laura Dent


Laura Dent has several decades of experience working in technical communication, specializing in single-sourcing and localization into many languages. As a freelancer, she provides her clients with localization of single-sourcing systems. At Rosetta Stone, she has created systems that enable SimShip (simultaneous shipment) of all software and documentation, an almost unheard-of achievement. Laura has a passion for languages, and speaks Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and (a little) Japanese. She teaches technical communication to computer science majors at James Madison University.

Sessions Presented by Laura Dent:

Monday, June 4

3:00-3:55 PM

Single-Sourcing and Localization Best Practices

Track 2 MadCap Flare Single Sourcing Localization

Translating your content into other languages is one of the greatest challenges in the technical communication process. We as technical communicators can meet these challenges with the combination of single-sourcing and localization. MadCap Flare provides an excellent suite of tools to manage your localization process. In this presentation hosted by Laura Dent, learn a combination of tools, best practices, tips and tricks for managing your localization projects.

Tuesday, June 5

2:50-3:50 PM

How to Get Started with Agile Localization

Track 2 Localization Agile

Staying in sync with the rapid cycles of Agile software development can be a challenge for any technical communicator, and even more so when localization is involved. Localization includes both the technical and linguistic aspects of translating software and documentation into other languages. In this session, learn how to be a hero in your organization by creating a smooth process to build a bridge between the seemingly incompatible processes of agile development and localization.