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Photo of Kala Cole

Kala Cole

Technical Writer Supervisor

Kala Cole is the Technical Writer Supervisor at Honeywell Intelligrated. She has been an active cheerleader for MadCap Flare for many years and has made a hobby out of converting folks from legacy software and tools. She has a degree in English from the University of Georgia and is MAD Certified.

Sessions Presented by Kala Cole:

Monday, June 4

3:00-3:55 PM

We’re All Human: A Case Study in People-Proofing Projects

Track 3 MadCap Flare Case Study Team Management

In this session, Kala Cole, Technical Writer Supervisor, details the issues and innovations that came with managing over 50 MadCap Flare projects in a department of 20 writers, none of whom had prior Flare experience before adopting Flare. In addition, the number of recent college grads coupled with a relatively high turnover rate meant having to find ways to “people-proof“ projects. On this journey, learn how the team developed methods that took full advantage of Flare’s features to automate and single-source the documentation process to the point that it was difficult to mess things up. This case study will focus primarily on developing an understanding of global project linking and how manuals that shared topics went through a complete procedural and project overhaul. Kala discusses the strategy used to people-proof this process, lessons learned along the way, and why it’s important to remove as many opportunities for human error as possible when it comes to maintaining clean projects.

Tuesday, June 5

1:30-2:30 PM

Let MadCap Flare Be the Boss: Tips and Tools to Help You Manage an Army of Writers

Track 3 MadCap Flare Team Management

It is easy enough to set and enforce standards when there are only a couple of writers. But when you work in a department with ten or more writers, consistency is especially key to having successful documentation. This session will go over the tools MadCap Flare provides that can help with getting a large department to create documentation that looks and sounds like it was written by one person. Kala Cole will explore the strategies she discovered to easily ensure that writers in her team follow the same standards, including global project linking, templates, global dictionaries, variables, snippets, and more.