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Photo of Homer Christensen

Homer Christensen

Content Architect

Homer Christensen is a published poet and author who presents at several national conventions for writing and content development professionals. He has won several awards for technical writing and user experience, including the Best of Show and Best in Class Customer Experience Recognition Awards at Information Development World, and awards given by the Society for Technical Communicators, including an International Award of Distinction and two Awards of Excellence. In his consulting practice Homer focuses on user experience and information mapping. His most recent book, "Masterclass Flare: Optimizing Flare Projects", is scheduled to be published in the Summer 2018.

Sessions Presented by Homer Christensen:

Wednesday, June 6

4:00-5:30 PM

Bling for Side Menus, Dropdowns, and Other Auto-Generated Components

Track 1 Advanced Training

You’ve designed a great site and built it, but feel the side menu needs to pop a bit more and give more user feedback. Trouble is, there are no styles to modify and only so much you can do in the skin editor. Or maybe you have drop-downs within drop-downs. Not to worry. In this session, we’ll review the available style settings and whether to leave them as is if you plan to modify them. Then we’ll begin the detective work to discover the styles that MadCap Flare creates for slideshows, menus, drop-downs, toggles, and other containers. We’ll cover the Inspect Element command and tools on Chrome and Firefox and how you can prototype and test the function of the built page. Next, we’ll review some samples and go over the coding that made it happen. We’re going to dive into the style definitions, so you should be comfortable editing CSS as text. You’ll leave with some commented placeholder styles you can copy into your style sheet and customize to give your site its own distinctive style.