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Photo of Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson

Founder & President

Daniel Ferguson is the founder of Smart Output, a technical communication consulting company that specializes in MadCap Flare consulting and training. He helps clients define optimal documentation processes, migrate legacy documentation, and implement Flare for authoring and publishing. He also helps existing Flare users streamline their current Flare implementations and take advantage of the newest Flare features. Daniel is a certified MadCap Advanced Developer and Project Management Professional, as well as a regular presenter on MadCap’s official Flare webinar series.

Sessions Presented by Daniel Ferguson:

Monday, June 4

10:15-11:10 AM

Unleashing Your MadCap Flare TOCs

Track 1 MadCap Flare

Have you ever opened up your MadCap Flare TOC properties and wondered what all of those options are? Or wondered if you’ve structured your TOCs in the most efficient way? The Flare TOC is the backbone of your Flare project. It is also one of the most powerful single-sourcing tools available to us as Flare authors. In this session, we’re going to walk through the Flare TOC in depth. We’ll review the TOC editor and all of the properties you can set on your TOC and TOC entries. We’ll also talk about best practices for single-sourcing your TOCs. Understanding how to use TOCs in the best way will help you take your Flare project to the next level!

Tuesday, June 5

4:20-5:20 PM

List This! What You Need to Know About Lists in MadCap Flare

Track 1 MadCap Flare

Many authors get mixed up when creating lists in MadCap Flare, especially with the more complex lists that involve nesting content within list items. But understanding some very simple concepts and methods can make this task quick and easy. In this session, Daniel Ferguson will walk through how to create both simple and complex lists in Flare. We’ll discuss some important shortcut keys, introduce some custom macros you may want to create, and walk through how to set up your stylesheet to manage the look-and-feel of your lists. After this session, you’ll breeze through even the most complex lists.

Wednesday, June 6

8:00-9:00 AM

Hey MadCap Flare User, Meet jQuery!

Track 2 Advanced Training

You’re already familiar with MadCap Flare’s extensive capabilities that allow you to deliver world-class documentation and help to your customers. But there is an entire world available to you beyond what the Flare interface offers. Because Flare allows its users to access underlying code, the capabilities are virtually limitless. In this session, we’ll introduce you to jQuery - a powerful JavaScript library that allows you to customize your HTML output in ways that the Flare editor doesn’t currently support. You’ll learn what jQuery is and how it works, and most importantly, you’ll get hands-on practice creating jQuery scripts. Note: an understanding of CSS selectors is required to get the most of out of this session.

Wednesday, June 6

1:30-2:30 PM

Go the Distance with Advanced Top Nav Output (Featuring CSS3 and jQuery)

Track 2 Advanced Training

You already know that MadCap Flare is the best tool to help you create a great experience for your users when they engage with your help system online. What if you could make it even better? Turn those ideas into action by attending this advanced workshop where we’ll show you how to use bleeding edge CSS3 with complex selectors, pseudo classes and more to make your output “sizzle”. We’ll talk about how you can integrate JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Grunt to do more to make your output shine above the rest. Flare trainers Paul Pehrson and Daniel Ferguson join together in the workshop to not only show you what is possible, but to give you the tools you need to try it on your own. You’ll leave with specific ideas of things you can do in your current projects to make them better for your users.