Today marks an incredible milestone in the content management industry. MadCap Software has announced its acquisition of Xyleme, Inc, a leader in intelligent content management for the development, management, delivery, and syndication of vital proprietary learning and development (L&D) content across the enterprise.  

With the addition of Xyleme to the MadCap Software product portfolio, organizations worldwide will have a single source of trusted, enterprise-class solutions for their content needs—from delivering product and user documentation to onboarding new customers and upskilling their workforce. Renowned for their intelligent content management, Xyleme brings groundbreaking capabilities to MadCap’s software arsenal. 

At MadCap Software, we are on a mission to be the leading software provider for end-to-end content management solutions that empower organizations, break down content silos across the enterprise, and deliver content when and where it is needed. The acquisition of Xyleme represents a major step in delivering on this commitment by bringing together our MadCap technical documentation solutions and the Xyleme LCMS platform into a single, state-of-the-art product portfolio. Now enterprises can support all their content needs, including technical documentation, learning and development content, training, certification, and compliance, backed by world-class support from a single trusted organization.

Anthony Olivier | CEO, MadCap Software

Xyleme’s extensive Learning Content Management System (LCMS) has set the industry standard as a market leader, distinguished by its seamless efficiency in handling an organization’s mission-critical content.  

With its ability to enable multi-format publishing, development, and management, Xyleme’s LCMS plays an indispensable role across various industries, ensuring seamless content delivery throughout critical stages like employee onboarding and customer training. 

Because Xyleme’s platform provides the flexibility to deliver content to all applications within the learning ecosystem—learning management system (LMS), learning experience platform (LXP), adaptive learning, mobile app, etc.—it serves as a single source of truth for content and critical engagement data delivering new standards of speed, personalization, and performance. 

Overview of technical documentation and learning and development solutions

Joining Forces to Empower Content Solutions 

As the foremost provider of comprehensive content management solutions, our goal is to eliminate content silos, streamline content delivery, and foster efficiency within organizations. 

This acquisition presents an exciting milestone, David Walters, CEO of Xyleme, affirms. Both firms’ parallel paths of enhancing accessibility and simplifying knowledge deployment underline a complementary blend of their respective capabilities. 

For more than a decade, Xyleme and MadCap Software have focused on highly complementary areas of content aimed at helping enterprises to put knowledge at the fingertips of users. This focus, along with our shared strengths in content reuse, multi-channel publishing, and analytics-driven insights, make our mutual products a natural fit for customers. We are excited to partner with MadCap Software in bringing the combined power of our comprehensive content solutions to organizations worldwide.

David Walters | CEO, Xyleme

Moving Forward with a Strong Commitment 

Both MadCap Software and Xyleme understand that customers are vital to Xyleme’s continued growth and success, and that will not change. Xyleme recognizes the importance of investing in customer success, addressing their needs, and providing continuous support to ensure that their customers achieve their desired outcomes. MadCap Software shares the same values and dedication and is committed to continuing the tradition Xyleme has for excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment their customers and team want to be a part of. 

With this acquisition, we reassure our customers that their trust is well-placed. Our promise of top-tier customer service remains unaffected, just as the investment protection they rely on. They can expect not just continuity in services, but innovation driven by exceptional industry expertise. Our customers will be greeted with the same friendly faces on our customer success team, along with unwavering commitment to the same roadmap. Their favorite support services will be consistently available, just as they always have been, but now with more value to offer.

Diane Jennings | SVP, Global Customer Success, Xyleme

The alliance of these two enterprise-grade solutions signifies a notable shift in content management paradigms, paving the way for a unified and comprehensive ecosystem aimed at empowering organizations worldwide, fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and fueling global growth. 

The future of enterprise content management is here— it’s efficient, unified, and thoroughly equipped to handle modern organizations’ demands.