We’re excited to announce a fresh new update for MadCap Central! The latest release of Central now features a brand new user interface, along with functionality enhancements, workflow improvements, and additional new features to give users a better, faster experience.

In addition to the improved speed and performance, Central also comes with the following new features and functionality:

Completely Redesigned User Interface

In addition to the new look and feel, Central also comes with added functionality, giving you enhanced control and an improved overall user experience.

Central 2019 UI Screenshot

In MadCap Central, you can now:

  • Multi-select in grids: You can now multi-select items such as users, projects, teams, and builds throughout the interface. This lets you perform the same action on them simultaneously, such as deleting and changing the status of items.
  • Access Page View Options on Top: Previously, page view options for projects and tasks appeared on the right side of the interface. They now appear as tabs on the top, for easier access.
  • Utilize an Improved, Responsive Interface: The Central interface can now be easily viewed on smaller screens and low-resolution monitors.

Enhancements to Projects, Tasks, and Widgets

In addition to the new look and feel, we’ve also added new enhancements to projects, tasks, and widgets in Central.

Central 2019 Project Access

Projects are now easily accessed using a drop-down in the upper-left corner of the interface.

Project Enhancements

  • Easy Access to Other Projects: A drop-down menu in the interface lets you easily select projects from your current project view.
  • Expand and Collapse Build Views: Build details, including private and live URLs, can be viewed by expanding and collapsing each build row.
  • Schedule Builds Enhancements: New enhancements to the schedule builds dialog, including a clock popup, makes it easy to schedule your builds.
Central 2019 Calendar Updates

The Calendar page is shown with task cards to the left, instead of a grid at the bottom. Clicking on individual calendar dates makes it easy to view the tasks that correspond to the date selected.

Task Enhancements

  • Collapse and Expand Task Cards: Task cards can now be collapsed and expanded, letting you view more task cards on the task board at a time.
  • Calendar Updates: The Calendar page has been redesigned to show task cards on the left, instead of a grid on the bottom. Small, color-coded circles represent tasks and their priority levels, which can be clicked for more information.
  • Move and Recorder Tasks: Tasks can now be moved anywhere (Archive, In Progress, Completed, etc.) and Task Cards can be arranged in any order by dragging and dropping.
Central 2019 Reports

Each type of report is contained in its own small widget.

Widget Enhancements

  • Filtering Widgets: Drop-downs have been added inside filter menus, giving you the ability to make multiple selections to configure the widget at once. In addition, widget options can now be filtered and configured using radio buttons and check boxes.
  • Live Builds Widget: The live builds widget now displays the vanity of the build, letting you view the vanity and live URL.
  • Reports Widget: Each report is contained in its own small widget, and can be added to the home page from the Reports page in a project.
  • Task Calendar Widget: The calendar has a new look and feel, and enhanced with added views and functionality.
  • New Home and Project Dashboards: New dashboards allow for a more effective use of space that lets you easily view and customize personalized widgets.

The latest release of MadCap Central also comes with a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Take a look at our What’s New topic to see the full list of the changes.

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