Improved production time?

"We can put out more content, more completely, and more accurately than at any time in the history of Mitchell. Many project tasks have gone from taking days to hours and from hours to minutes using Flare."
Don Rasky | Mitchell International, Inc.

Reduced support call inquiries?

“Our support team is seeing anywhere from a 10% to 30% drop in 'how-to' calls, which suggests that customers are finding it easier to follow the Help instructions."
Riyaz Adamjee | CCC Information Services

Streamlined delivery?

"The single-sourcing in MadCap Flare is tremendously advantageous for quickly delivering the content our customers need. Once we developed the documentation, it took us just two days to build two CHM files for our SDKs, nine PDF manuals, and a full Web Help version of all the documentation to meet the deadline for our product launch."
Harold Gross | Caradigm, a Microsoft | GE Healthcare Company

MadCap Flare has you covered.

MadCap Software recently compiled a collection of customer case studies featuring measurable statistics on Flare’s ROI (Return on Investment).

When it comes to reducing project time and costs associated with creating and publishing content to different print and online formats, MadCap Flare’s advanced single-sourcing capabilities allow authoring teams of any size to maximize content reuse and publish to any number of output types quickly and without hassle.

Customers looking for a one-tool solution when it comes to print, online or even mobile content are turning to MadCap Flare. As one customer recently stated, “Using two different tools was a complicated way to publish content, and I began reading about a new generation of single sourcing solutions that could handle both my print and online needs.”

MadCap Flare is a robust tool; it can also replace a traditional content management system (CMS). Illumina, a leading life sciences company, was thrilled to learn they could scrap the high cost of an enterprise-scale CMS by using just Flare and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

“Flare and Microsoft TFS basically do everything we need, so we don’t need to spend all that money on a traditional content management server.”
Lynn Carrier | Illumina

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