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Articles by Tony Dzumaga

Antoni (Tony) Dzumaga is an experienced technical writer with broad-ranging skills and experience in software, digital marketing & data analysis, electronics, and engineering sectors, specialising in technical documentation and illustration.He has 25 years of experience as a technical author. In his last role for Apteco Ltd, he used MadCap Flare to Single-Source output to online help and PDFs. He modernised the documentation catalogue to the corporate standard, including installation guides, API integration guides and software architecture diagrams.He previously produced manuals for luxury yachts, documented SCADA software, and was a project management software trainer.Besides contracting as a technical writer, he now enjoys bookbinding and drawing. And if time allows building, repairing or playing electric guitars.

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What is Technical Drawing?

Posted by Tony Dzumaga

March 16, 2023

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