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Delio Destro

Articles by Delio Destro

Delio Destro is the founder and director of Flexwrite Technical Documents in British Columbia, Canada. A Brazilian native and Italian/Canadian citizen, Delio started his career in the distant 1980 as a field service engineer. He has a degree in electro-mechanical instrumentation and worked for more than 25 years in electronics production before moving to Canada. During this period, he performed technical sales and support in 20+ countries, and became fluent in six languages (PT, EN, FR, DE, ES, IT). He started Flexwite in Brazil in 1996 and brought it over to Canada in 2006. The company aims to create quality, modern, end-user focused technical documentation for many industries. Or, as Delio likes to point out, translate engineerish into userguese, two very different languages.Today Flexwrite customers in North America include BTU International, Cupertino Electric, Dynamic Attractions, OSI Maritime, and Amazon Robotics. Delio is not a big fan of social media, but you can reach him at or

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