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The #1 Replacement for Adobe® RoboHelp® and FrameMaker®

Unleash the Power of True Single-sourcing

Using two different tools was a complicated way to publish content, and I began reading about a new generation of single-sourcing solutions that could handle both my print and online needs.”

—Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix

Upgrade Now to MadCap Flare. The #1 RoboHelp® and FrameMaker® Replacement.

MadCap Flare is the advanced, single-product solution used to generate any number of print, web-based, desktop and mobile outputs. Using two or more tools to create your documentation can be cumbersome, inefficient and grossly ineffective as end-users require content to a growing number of formats and devices. Using Flare’s “write once, publish anywhere” paradigm, content is separate from formatting, and authors can publish to any number of formats (called targets) from the same source content. To learn more about MadCap Flare, read the following resources – including case studies, transition guides and testimonials from users who made to switch – and download a free trial to experience today’s leading authoring tool for technical communication.

Looking to Compare Tools?

Learn how MadCap Flare compares to Adobe® RoboHelp® and FrameMaker® with these detailed guides. We have broken down features and capabilities and grouped them into categories including Authoring, Team Collaboration, Importing and Output capabilities.

MadCap Flare Vs. Adobe® RoboHelp®

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MadCap Flare Vs. Adobe® FrameMaker®

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Watch: The Writing Game — The Dating Game Meets Technical Writing

Picking the right authoring application is, in a way, like dating. You have specific needs (like single-sourcing), particular requirements (such as team authoring), and certain expectations (such as great technical support), that all need to be met in your authoring application of choice. And if you're like most technical writers, you are going to be spending A LOT of time together. You'll want to make sure it's the perfect match for you as your relationship ( grows and that the application stays up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Video: The Writing Game Episonde One

The Writing Game, Episode 1:
Flare vs FrameMaker®, Part 1

Video: The Writing Game Episonde Two

The Writing Game, Episode 2:
Flare vs RoboHelp®, Part 1

Video: The Writing Game Episonde Three

The Writing Game, Episode 3:
Flare vs FrameMaker®, Part 2

Video: The Writing Game Episonde Four

The Writing Game, Episode 4:
Flare vs RoboHelp®, Part 2

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Note: The views, opinions and feature comparisons expressed in these movies are based solely on MadCap Software's evaluation and understanding of Adobe®
RoboHelp® 10 and FrameMaker® 11. MadCap Software encourages you to perform your own comparison.

Highest ROI and Lowest Cost of Ownership of Any Solution

MadCap Flare offers the highest ROI and lowest cost of ownership of any XML authoring and publishing solution available today. Learn how companies around the globe are utilizing our complete suite of tools to reduce project time, increase productivity and improve the quality and consistency of their documentation.

High ROI and Low Cost of Publishing
MadCap Flare is giving us state-of-the-art capabilities while offering the lowest cost of ownership of any authoring software we've seen on the market.”

Harold Gross | Caradigm, a Microsoft | GE Healthcare Company

We moved from FrameMaker® to Author-it®, but were not very happy with the way Author-it "locks" your files in the system in its own code-propriety format. We wanted something (file format) that is more transparent and easy to use. We then moved to MadCap Flare, and we are very glad that we took this decision. For few of our products that have 30,000+ files, our build times have come down from a staggering 16-24 hour in AIT to a meager 20-30 minutes. Flare is the simplest and the best thing in market now, according to my experience.”

Sachin Shimoga | Senior Manager, Technical Publications, Ixia Technologies

I have almost twenty years of experience in technical writing. I've used RoboHelp® HTML, Author-IT®, and every other publishing and content management software under the sun. My advice, go with MadCap Software. It is the only software that I know of that is focused on the technical writer and their needs. If I had a choice on any future projects, I would only choose MadCap Flare. I am not affiliated in any way with this company. I've just used their product for a number of years and it keeps getting better all the time. They have the tech writer's back.”

Katie Roberts | Independent Contractor, ZELTIQ

Single-sourcing has been my elusive holy grail for ten years. I tried FrameMaker® with WebWorks, I tried RoboHelp® with Word™, and it wasn't until Flare's output to print that I finally got good results without a lot of hassle.”

Chris Sullivan | AVST

I highly recommend MadCap Flare. The staff that created RoboHelp® created MadCap Flare. They are a focused, technical writer specific group. They have excellent customer service and their fees are much less than some of the alternatives. From basic content management and generation to translation management, they have it covered. I am not associated with this company in any way, I am friends with people who use it and one friend who works for the company. I have converted RoboHelp® content to MadCap Flare. It is so much easier than any other software app that I've used.”

Katie Roberts | Technical Writer/Editor

Telling the difference between things created in Flare as a PDF and FrameMaker® as a PDF will be hard to do. If I were setting up a shop today, I wouldn't look much further than Flare. I think it is hands-down the best all around tool for doing one-stop writing and publishing.”

Wayne Brisette | Technical Writer

Superior Capabilities

Architected from the ground up to be the ultimate single-source and multi-channel publishing application, MadCap Flare is built on the newest and strongest technologies available. Written entirely in C# and chosen by Microsoft® as a showcase application for their own Visual Studio product, Flare is revitalizing the technical communication industry. With online publishing capabilities that surpass RoboHelp® and print publishing comparable to FrameMaker®, MadCap Flare is a true single-sourcing tool designed to not only help save you time, money and resources, but improve the quality and accessibility of your documentation.

Single-sourcing With MadCap Flare Illustration

If You Have to Use More Than One Tool, You're Not Single-sourcing

Single-source publishing—the method of producing multiple outputs from a single source file or project—allows you to enjoy greater consistency and accuracy of your content development. Using the “write once, publish anywhere” paradigm, you can cut project time, increase productivity, reduce localization costs and streamline content delivery.

MadCap Flare allows you to take advantage of single-sourcing in many different ways, including the single-sourcing of text segments (snippets) and images.

Superior Customer and Technical Support

We’re committed to providing the highest level of customer and technical support. Whether you have a question regarding installation, or how a specific feature works, a technical support team member is standing by ready to assist you.

Annual Release Cycle

We guarantee at least one major release every 12 months to ensure that customers and new technologies are supported almost as soon as they become available.

No Hidden Costs

No additional licenses are required to use features in MadCap Flare, including MathML, which can cost up to $600. Plus, MadCap Capture for screen captures and image editing now comes bundled free with MadCap Flare.

Flare is much easier to use, more intuitive and more powerful (and it seems more reliable and flexible) than any of the tools I have used so far, and I've used quite a lot.”

Donagh Brennan | Technical Writer, Tektronix

Using two different tools was a complicated way to publish content, and I began reading about a new generation of single-sourcing solutions that could handle both my print and online needs.”

Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix

I've been a struggling RoboHelp® user since version X5. If you're looking for a robust, yet easy-to-use RoboHelp® replacement, you've come to the right place!”

Rob Greer | eSembler


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