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Six Potential Issues (and Recommendations) When Translating Your Content in MadCap Flare
Jennifer Schudel

Posted by Jennifer Schudel

February 3, 2015

You've authored your Flare project, and everything works perfectly – but will it still work well in translation? Have you used Flare’s features in the best way, or will your project have problems in other languages? With our experience in both Flare and translation, we’ve seen a lot of the good and the bad. To help you prepare for your translation effort, we’ve come up …

MadWorld 2015: The Premier Technical Communication and Content Strategy Conference in North America
David Ferriot

Posted by David Ferriot

December 10, 2014

The MadWorld Technical Communication and Content Strategy Conference – now coming into its third year – brings together some of the best and the brightest in the industry. The conference offers a unique learning experience for MadCap Software users, prospective users, and anyone in the industry looking to learn how companies are utilizing not only MadCap Software …

Single Sourcing Explained: The Power of MadCap Flare
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

September 15, 2014

What is MadCap Flare, what does it do, and why is there such a passionate user base? These are the questions I am asked more often than any others, and they are ones I am always happy to answer. With new technologies and applications debuting at an unprecedented rate, knowing exactly what kind of tool Flare is and the traditional content development challenges it addresses …

Single Sourcing Diagram
Quickly Add a Print TOC, Index, and Glossary with MadCap Flare
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

August 12, 2014

I wanted to take this post and highlight a feature in MadCap Flare that makes it easy to quickly develop the print elements that normally go into something like a PDF user guide. The idea behind the new print target options is that now you don't have to include a specific TOC, Index, and Glossary topic (with the embedded proxy) to create these print specific …

Quickly Add a Print TOC, Index, and Glossary with MadCap Flare
Guest Post: Letting Code Determine the Width of a DIV Tag
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

July 22, 20142 Comments

Laura Johnson, a certified MadCap Advanced Developer, is the creator of Flare for Help, a tips and tricks blog focused on MadCap Flare technical documentation and consultancy. She helps companies create and deliver industry-best documentation and content. Here, Laura shares a great use of CSS Selectors to control container DIV sizes.

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