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Year In Review – Our 10 Popular Blog Posts of 2016
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

December 8, 2016

2016 has been an exciting year for MadCap Software! In the past year, we’ve seen product launches such as MadCap Central, new releases and updates to MadCap Flare, and the annual MadWorld Conference. And not to mention, our MadBlog has been filled with insights from our customers, consultants and MadCap employees. They have a lot of expertise to share, and the MadBlog is …

5 Quick MadCap Flare Tips for New Users
Gail Lorzing

Posted by Gail Lorzing

December 1, 2016

With 35+ years in IT and a little less than a year in technical communications using MadCap Software, I'm new to tech comm and MadCap's product suite. So who better to take you on a newbie trip of MadCap Flare than someone who travels down the Mad road and asks "How can I do this?" Fasten your seat belts for quick tips on Flare and its' product suite to make your learning …

MadWorld 2017 – Register by November 30 to Save Up to $1,000!
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

November 17, 2016

Looking for a networking opportunity to meet technical writers, content strategists and documentation managers from all around the world? Want to stay ahead of the latest best practices and trends in technical communication? If so, look no further than MadWorld, a technical communication and content strategy conference like no other. Returning for its fifth year, …

Creating a Searchable Site with MadCap Flare 12
Matt Williams

Posted by Matt Williams

November 10, 2016

At Tenable Network Security, our team of writers currently supports six major help systems that are available via the documentation website. Each help system has multiple versions, some in tripane format, and some using top navigation output. So when I was tasked with creating a searchable site and implementing a local search function on our home page, one that could provide …

4 MadCap Analyzer Reports You Should Run on Every MadCap Flare Project
Ed Marshall

Posted by Ed Marshall

November 3, 20162 Comments

MadCap Analyzer is a powerful tool that analyzes many different areas and features of MadCap Flare projects, generating reports on issues that need to be corrected and making suggestions on how to efficiently and easily maintain your Flare project. This post covers MadCap Analyzer reports you should run to ensure a project is error-free, addressing broken links and bookmarks …