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Translation Tip: What to Keep In Mind When Using Variables in Your Translation Workflow
Mike McDermott

Posted by Mike McDermott

March 28, 2017

In technical communication, variables are a common way to reuse terms or content (such as the name of your company's product or your company's phone number) throughout your documentation. They're especially good for text that might change frequently, such as version numbers and dates. For all of their obvious benefits, there are some common challenges when it comes to …

How to Create a Knowledge Base with MadCap Flare that Your Users Will Love
Gail Lorzing

Posted by Gail Lorzing

March 23, 2017

Does your organization have documents, spreadsheets and other forms of content scattered in various locations? A work environment where each person keeps "notes" on how to do a procedure, fix a problem, or workarounds for existing issues? Knowledge you don't think about until your co-worker is off or moved onto another job? Wouldn't it be great to have all your content in …

MadWorld 2017 Speaker Series Q&A: Karen Miller, CMS Specialist, Competitive Capabilities International
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

March 16, 2017

MadWorld 2017 is just around the corner! Returning to the Hard Rock Hotel in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, the premiere technical communication and content strategy conference gives attendees a unique learning and networking experience like no other. Whether you're looking for tips and tricks with MadCap Flare, a chance to mingle with other tech comm professionals or …

MadWorld 2017 Speaker Series Q&A: Nita Beck, Technical Communications Strategist, Nita Beck Communications
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

March 9, 2017

The countdown has begun! We're less than a month away from MadWorld 2017, the premiere technical communication and content strategy conference. Attendees from all over the world will arrive in America's Finest City, gathering at the Hard Rock Hotel in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Over the course of the conference, they'll have the opportunity to get the latest tips and …

New Feature Highlight: Dynamic Preview Window in MadCap Flare 2017
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

March 7, 20171 Comments

With each release of MadCap Flare, you often find a new feature that makes you happy. Maybe because it saves you a bunch of time, a bunch of clicks, or maybe because it’s just fun! For me, the new Dynamic Preview window pane in Flare 2017 is one of these features. The ability to preview what a topic, snippet or master page will look like with certain target settings …