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Become the Policy Management Guru for Your Organization: Policies and Procedures Best Practices

Jul 26, 10:00-11:00 am (Pacific Time) Online Webinar
Presenter: Cheryl Landes, Technical Communications Consultant | Tabby Cat Communications

Every company has policies and procedures, and often administrative staff and technical communicators help create and publish these documents. Policies and procedures are broad-reaching, because they affect all employees. Even creating policies and procedures involves more people at every level of an organization given the nature of the content, creating a variety of challenges uncommon in other types of communication projects. In this webinar, Cheryl Landes, Technical Communications Consultant and owner of Tabby Cat Communications will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them. She will present five best practices that will help you successfully develop and publish policy and procedure documents, regardless of the project size, and become the policy guru in your organization. She will also provide an overview of how Doc-To-Help can work seamlessly with Microsoft® Word in simplifying the process of managing and publishing policies and procedures.

Breaking the Silence: How to Build Influence as a Technical Writer

Aug 9, 10:00-11:00 am (Pacific Time) Online Webinar
Presenter: Jacob Moses, Technical Writer/Host | Rainmaker Digital/The Not-Boring Tech Writer Podcast

As technical writers or content architects (yes, our titles are expanding), you have something incredibly valuable to share with the world – best practices, efficient workflows, writing styles, and so on – yet so few of us choose to share it. Maybe you’re the only writer in your organization, or maybe you don’t know the best way to go about getting started. Or the likely scenario: Your friends still don’t understand what you do, so why share your expertise if no one cares nor relates?

Well, the good news is technical writers just look like you are desperately searching for influencers. The kind of influencers with diverse skill sets and backgrounds who graciously share their expertise with fellow colleagues. What’s more? The best part is YOU have the skills to become that influencer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use your expertise to build your influence, including how to:

  • Find what to share.
  • Learn how to share it.
  • Choose where to share it.

So grab a notepad and pen – it’s time to build your influence. Join Jacob Moses, Technical Writer at Rainmaker Digital and Host of The Not-Boring Tech Writer Podcast, for a webinar any technical communicator should find valuable and entertaining.

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