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MadCap Software understands the importance of education, as well as hands-on training. In addition to education pricing for students, we work with professors and universities to ensure they can provide students the tools they need to succeed.

Scholar Program benefits include:

  • Outfit entire labs with MadCap Software applications – absolutely free
  • Free Training, including the MAD Certification Test, for teachers and professors
  • Discounts on software for current students
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“We're very excited to include the state-of-the-art software provided by MadCap Software into our teaching curriculum. Thanks to MadCap Software, the Technical Writing course offered in the Institute of English Studies in cooperation with Motorola Solutions, Inc., will offer our students a chance to develop skills that are in great demand by employers and will ensure that our alumni are ready to succeed in a contemporary, competitive job market.”

—Ewa Willim | Professor and Head of the Institute of English Studies, Jagiellonian University

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“We’re excited to use MadCap Flare and give our students the opportunity to learn and use current software tools from the field. Using Flare will help them become familiar with the concepts of single-sourcing and topic-based authoring before they graduate, preparing them for careers in technical communication.”

—Corinne Renguette, Ph.D. | Program Director and Assistant Professor in Technical Communication, The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

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“We’re excited to incorporate Flare because it's a great example of a topic-based authoring system that is XML-driven and that helps to manage content for authors. With technical communicators increasingly responsible for delivering user assistance across a number of different platforms and in various media, it's important to have tools that are designed for this purpose.”

—Jamie Roberts | Technical Communication Course Instructor, Glendon College

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“Our goal is to prepare our students for career opportunities in Silicon Valley and beyond, and MadCap Flare experience is a highly desirable skill to potential employers. I want students to have a working knowledge of current software applications, and Flare is an industry-leading tool.”

—Dr. Mark Thompson | Director of Career and Technical Writing, San Jose State University

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“We've found that MadCap Flare is the most suitable application for creating Help systems and has been developed with the user in mind. The fact that it is constantly being updated and improved really impresses us.”

—Leigh Freedman | Operations Manager, OnTarget Communications

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