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Connect, learn and share information with these helpful user groups.

Users of MadCap Flare | LinkedIn

In addition to the MadCap Software forum and technical support team, this group is a great resource to share ideas, ask questions and connect with fellow users.

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MadCap UK & Europe Users Group | LinkedIn

The UK & Europe user group was established by
ISTC members (but is open to all) to offer a
support group for all MadCap Software products.

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Users of MadCap Doc-To-Help | LinkedIn

This group is dedicated to users of Doc-To-Help with the objective to provide a peer-to-peer discussion of functionality and useful information concerning Doc-To-Help.

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Local Flare User Groups

Whether you're a new, intermediate, or expert Flare user, a local user group can help strengthen your skills and knowledge of MadCap Flare.

To learn more about creating your own user group, watch the webinar, Calling All Propeller Heads: How to Start Your Own Flare User Group, presented by Nita Beck, owner of Nita Beck Communications, and manager of the Rochester Flare User Group.

World Map

Austin MadCap Flare User Group

Austin, TX and surrounding areas

Organizers Keri Brower and Madeline Meehan

Inquire to

Boston MadCap Flare User Group

Boston, MA, USA

Organizer, Jonathan Baker

Inquire to

Calgary, Alberta MadCap Flare User Group

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Organizer, Ruth Maryniuk

Inquire to

Charleston MadCap Flare User Group

Charleston, SC, USA

Organizer, David Marshall

Inquire to

Czech Republic MadCap Flare User Group

Node5, Radlická 180/50, 150 00 Prague 5

Ondřej Konvička

Inquire to: or on LinkedIn

Denmark MadCap Flare User Group

Copenhagen, Denmark

Thomas Bro-Rasmussen

Inquire to:

Dutch MadCap Flare User Group

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organizers, Patrick Andriessen and Hans Sluijs

Inquire to or

France MadCap Flare User Group


Organizer Amy Tipton Johnson

Inquire to

German MadCap Flare User Group

Munich, Germany

Organizer Thomas Böttiger

Inquire to

Northern Colorado MadCap Flare User Group


Greeley / Fort Collins / Loveland / Longmont, CO, USA

Organizers, Patricia Edwards and Catherine Fox

Inquire to OR

Italy MadCap Flare User Group

Desenzano del Garda, Italy

Michele Pighi

Inquire to Utenti di MadCap Flare LinkedIn Page

Kansas City MadCap Flare User Group

Kansas City, KS, USA

Organizer, Matthew Danda

Inquire to

Melbourne MadCap Flare User Group

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Organizer, Swapnil Ogale

Inquire to

Southeast Michigan MadCap Flare User Group

Detroit - Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Manager, Jeff Rehkopf

Inquire to

Montreal MadCap Flare User Group

Montreal, Canada

Organizers, Marc Paquette and Roberta Boyle

Inquire to

Northern Nevada MadCap Flare User Group

Northern Nevada, USA

Managers, John Lujan and Patrick Danielson

Inquire to or

Orange County MadCap Flare User Group

Orange County, CA, USA

Pam Coca

Inquire to

Ottawa MadCap Flare User Group

Ottawa, Ontaria, Canada

Organizer, Patrick Calnan

Inquire to

Portland MadCap Flare User Group

Portland, Oregon

Organizer, Gary Taylor

Inquire to

Rochester MadCap Flare User Group

Rochester, NY, USA

Manager, Nita Beck

Inquire to

Salt Lake MadCap Flare User Group

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Organizer, Paul Pehrson

Inquire to

Seattle MadCap Flare User Group

Seattle, WA, USA

Organizer, Matt Fleagle

Inquire to OR on the Greater Seattle Area Flare User Group LinkedIn page

St. Louis, Missouri MadCap Flare User Group

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Organizer, Amy Cate Schroeder

Inquire to

UK & Europe MadCap Flare User Group

The UK & Europe user group was established by ISTC members (but is open to all) to offer a support group for all MadCap Software products.

Organizers, Tom Brindley, Marjorie Jones, and Kai Weber

Inquire to

Vancouver, BC MadCap Flare User Group


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Organizer, Mellissa Ruryk

Inquire to

Champlain Valley, Vermont MadCap Flare User Group

Champlain Valley, Vermont, USA

Organizer, Steve Arrants

Metro Washington DC MadCap Flare User Group

Washington (metro area), DC, USA

Organizer, Amy Fujii

Inquire to

North America



Middle East

Calgary, Alberta
Northern Colorado
Kansas City
Southeast Michigan
Northern Nevada
Orange County
Salt Lake
St. Louis, Missouri
Vancouver, BC
Champlain Valley, Vermont
Metro Washington DC
Czech Republic
UK & Europe

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