Meet MadCap Flare

Whether you need to create technical documentation for online Help, software and API documentation, policy & procedure manuals, illustrated parts catalogs or maintenance manuals, knowledge bases or user guides, MadCap Flare is powerful software for technical documentation that allows you to create, manage and publish content to a variety of formats, including print, online, desktop and mobile.


Topic-based Authoring, Publishing and Content Management

A complete solution for technical communicators and content developers, MadCap Flare offers advanced features to maximize authoring efficiency and content reuse, including:

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Reach Your Audience Anywhere with Advanced
Multi-channel Publishing and Responsive HTML5 Output

Ensure your content is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to consume your content.

  • Publish content to an increasing number of formats including HTML5, WebHelp, PDF, Word, XHTML, Clean XHTML, EPUB, DITA and more
  • Flare utilizes Responsive Design technology to ensure your web-based content can be read by any user regardless of screen size or device
  • Move beyond the tripane with stunning frameless HTML5 web output for online Help, policy guides, knowledge bases and more
  • Advanced print capabilities, including CMYK support, OpenType Fonts, vector graphic support and more for any high-end print publishing needs
  • Flare’s publishing versatility is unmatched: Create knowledge bases, policies & procedures guides, eBooks, online Help, API documentation and more



Develop comprehensive API documentation with
our best practice guide for technical writers.


API Documentation White Paper

Maximize Content Reuse with Topic-based Authoring

Topic-based authoring is a modular content creation approach that supports XML content reuse, content management, and makes the dynamic assembly of personalized information possible.

Create customized content or different variations of the same document without creating new documents, such as:

  • Beginner and Advanced Guides
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals based on city, region or country
  • Employee Handbooks for every level within the organization
  • Admin and Programmer Guides
  • And much more
Topic Based Authoring

Manage Your Content with Single-source XML Authoring

Save time by using advanced topic-based authoring features to maximize content reuse and publish to multiple deliverables and outputs.

  • Use Flare not only to publish to multiple devices and platforms, but to re-purpose your content for multiple audiences
    and purposes
  • Single source images with MadCap Capture
  • Content changes are made universally from a single source and updated across projects for consistent, accurate documentation
  • Authors can focus on creating content instead of constantly formatting and reformatting
  • Projects and content are accurate and consistent across multiple deliverables and completed faster with far less content duplication
Single-sourcing With MadCap Flare Illustration
After converting our first project to Flare, we experienced a five-fold reduction in the total time required to generate output for a product with three deliverables in three different formats in 14 languages totaling 126 individual target files —going down from roughly 25 hours to about 5 hours

Jason Micallef
Technical Communications Manager,
GFI Software

Today’s Most Versatile Platform for Creating
and Publishing Content

Content developers, from technical writers and documentation managers to eLearning specialists and instructional designers, can create and manage a rich variety of content from a single application.

Employee Handbooks and Policies & Procedures Manuals

Online Help, Documentation and User Assistance

Medical, Regulatory and Compliance Documents

Training Manuals and eLearning Guides

API and SDK Documentation

Knowledge Bases and Corporate Intranets

User Guides, Installation Guides and Quick Start Guides

Support and Troubleshooting Documentation

Administrative, Programmer and Internal Development Documentation

Proposals, Contracts, Reports and Audits

Marketing and Corporate Communication Documentation

Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Maintenance Manuals

Get a Visual Representation of the Content with an Advanced WYSIWYG XML Editor

Flare’s visual XML Editor is packed with features designed to provide authoring efficiency and content creation in a familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft® Word-like authoring environment. The patented Structure Bar technology allows you to simultaneously create/edit content and view a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) representation of the underlying XML structure of a document without having to view the raw XML code.

Edit or rearrange content using Structure Bars to:

  • Drag and drop content for quick and easy editing
  • Apply conditional tags
  • Revise formatting
  • Re-number/re-order lists
  • And more

Real-time Split View Editor

A synchronized spilt view shows both the XML Editor and the Text Editor in real time, with horizontal and vertical orientation options, auto complete and code validation with syntax coloring.

Web and Print Editing Modes

The XML Editor includes two authoring/editing modes – Web Layout and Print Layout mode. Toggle between the two display modes to see how content will appear in each medium.

XML Editor Illustration

A Fully Integrated Suite for Content Development

MadPak Professional Suite logo

The MadPak Professional Suite includes six fully integrated technical communication
and content development tools for authoring & publishing, contribution & review,
analysis & reporting and multimedia creation.

Purchase the MadPak Professional
Suite and Save Over 50%


Responsive Layout Editor for True Responsive Content

The responsive layout editor allows you to control the layout of your content for any device, without the assistance of a web developer or requiring any coding knowledge.

  • Control Responsive Layouts for Web, Tablet and Mobile
  • Easy to Use, No Coding Required
  • Takes Minutes, Not Hours

Leverage Existing Content

Flare makes it easy to import a wide range of file types into your new XML-based authoring environment. Migrate legacy content with easy import of Adobe® RoboHelp® and FrameMaker®, Microsoft® Word, Author-It®, XHTML, HTML, CHM, DITA and many more.

  • Import content from other applications directly into Flare
  • Enhanced FrameMaker® import support, including:
    • Master Pages automatically converted to Page Layouts
    • Import FrameMaker® images with call-outs
    • Proprietary FrameMaker® Equations automatically converted to MathML on import

For more information on switching from RoboHelp® and FrameMaker®, visit our resource section here.

For detailed instructions and to download the Author-it® Converter Utility, click here.

Importing Best Practices.

More than 30 best-practice conversion topics are discussed in the support guide – covering everything from TOCs to graphics to style sheets.

MadCap Flare Import Guide (PDF)
Create projects from the file types shown below.

MadCap Flare Transition from FrameMaker® Guide (PDF)
Moving from Adobe® FrameMaker® to MadCap Flare is easy.

Leverage Existing Content

Switching from Adobe® RoboHelp® or FrameMaker®?

Access Our Comprehensive Resource Center for
Import Guides, Case Studies, Testimonials and More.

MadCap Flare and Competitor logos

Advanced Stylesheet Editor with Multiple Medium Views

The advanced stylesheet editor includes multiple medium views (such as web, print, mobile, tablet – or any number of custom views), offers complex selectors, media queries and more.

Laptop showing MadCap Flare stylesheet editor

Create Professional Looking Print, Online and Mobile Content in Minutes with Built-in Project Templates

With 20 out-of-the-box project templates, you can start using today's leading technical authoring tool in minutes. Publish stunning, professionally designed print brochures and books, online Help systems, eBooks, and more without the need for additional graphic design resources.

Project templates include:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Online (Basic / Advanced)
  • Print & Online (Basic / Advanced)
  • Brochures (3fold, 4fold)
  • Book & eBook (Basic / Advanced)
  • Policies & Procedures (Basic / Advanced)
  • Product Foldout (3fold, 4fold, 5fold, 6fold, 12fold)
  • User Guide (Basic / Advanced)
  • Slideshow

Content Management and Source Control

MadCap Flare includes support for every source control tool on the market by virtue of the fact that Flare uses a wide open architecture. Instead of using proprietary files and databases, all content and project files in Flare are stored as independent XML files.

  • Git, Perforce, Apache Subversion, Microsoft® Team Foundation® and Visual SourceSafe® are directly integrated and accessed from Flare (third-party plug-ins not required)
  • Mappings can be made to any local, network, or SharePoint resource
  • Plus, integration with all industry source control systems that use the MS SCC API interface

Not using source control? Flare's External Resources feature allows files and folders to be mapped and shared among any number of projects or users.

Content Management

Now Preserve Tracked Changes in Microsoft® Word and
PDF Outputs

Tracked changes are now preserved in both Word and PDF outputs for enhanced review, collaboration and audit trail.

Diagram showing tracked changes in Word flowing into MadCap Flare

Multi-language Authoring, Translation and Publishing, including Bi-directional Support

Flare was built to support multi-language authoring, translation and publishing. Flare supports Unicode language characters, double-byte Asian languages and Eastern European languages, as well as bi-directional language authoring and publishing including Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Screenshot of MadCap Flare topic written in Arabic

Advanced single-sourcing features make translation more seamless in Flare, such as easy access to content, snippets, variables and more. Integration with MadCap Lingo provides unparalleled support for the translation and localization process.

  • Multilingual web and print publishing from a single project
    • The multilingual publishing feature allows for multiple languages to be published in a single output for both print and online content.
  • Controlled Language/Simplified Technical English support
    • Through the integration with Acrolinx and Etteplan | Tedopres HyperSTE, authors can use a standardized vocabulary and style to improve consistency, eliminate ambiguity and reduce complexity. Ensure compliance with corporate terminology and style guide rules using advanced interactive checker and quality measurement features.
  • Fully-integrated translation workflow with MadCap Lingo
    • Seamless transfer of content between Flare and MadCap Lingo using Project Packager
    • Use MadCap Lingo to translate content or package content for translation
    • Gain visibility with reports such as word and segment count, exact matches already in translation memory, content requiring translation and more
  • Language and business services with MadTranslations
    • Complete end-to-end authoring, consulting, translation and publishing services
    • Tools and expertise in maximizing content re-use, from initial authoring stage through final translation stage

View VERTU Ti's Online User Guides and PDFs

Translation and Localization

Multilingual Web and Print Publishing from a Single Project

The all-new multilingual publishing feature allows for multiple languages to be published in a single output for both print and online content.

Click on the Globe to Change Languages

Click on the Globe to Change Languages

Click on the TOC to Change Languages

Team Collaboration and Project Management

A streamlined approach to team collaboration, Flare provides workflows designed for efficient content development and management.

  • Contribution and review for managers and subject matter experts
  • Free review mode with MadCap Contributor
  • Global project linking for large teams
  • Manage complex projects with reports, file tagging and task assignments

Contribution & Review

Enjoy close collaboration between authors, subject matter experts and other content contributors with Flare's built-in topic review and contribution features.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can utilize MadCap Contributor to make changes and annotations:

  • Reviews: Email topics for feedback and changes directly from within Flare or leverage Flare and Contributor's external resources and SharePoint integration to send review packages
  • Contributions: SMEs and other content contributors can create new documents and files for inclusion into your documentation
Team Collaboration and Project Management

Note: The trial version of MadCap Contributor includes a non-expiring, free review with annotation mode, allowing for perpetual review between SME, managers and Flare authors.

Analytics, Reporting & Social Collaboration

Combine back-end reporting and analytics along with front-end social collaboration with MadCap Pulse to track user satisfaction and improve content.

Screenshots of MadCap Pulse Analytics

Flexible and Future-proof

Flare is built on open standards with support for XML, CSS, and HTML, all designed to keep your content completely open, transparent and accessible.

With Flare, you will never be locked into a proprietary system:

  • Open Architecture
    All Flare files are separate XHTML, XML or CSS documents—topics, TOCs, browse sequences, targets, skins, snippets, glossaries, destinations, condition tag sets, variable sets, and more—meaning they can be opened in any editor, including Notepad. Files and topics can even be programmatically created outside of Flare and copied into the Flare project structure to be used instantly by Flare.
  • Standard XHTML Content with W3C Schema Compliance
    Flare content conforms to industry standard schema requirements from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Flare’s code adheres to the W3C XHTML Schema specification, making it easy to integrate with other XML or XHTML applications.

Scalable for Any Size Organization

A single user or team of hundreds, Flare was built for scalability.

Flare offers advanced publishing features, including batch target builds for automated publishing:

  • Schedule any number of builds for a particular date or time
  • Use the command line publishing for multiple targets

Floating/Enterprise licenses include:

  • Unlimited installations/activations across company
  • Bundled maintenance (1, 2 and 3 year contract available) for Floating
  • Flexibility – add any number of users at any time using the same license key
  • Installation on a network server and accessed remotely
Scalable for Enterprise


Create documentation that is accessible to users with visual and hearing impairments.

  • Section 508 and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant
    • View the Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for MadCap Flare (PDF)
  • Insert alt and title attributes to links, images, QR codes, equations and more
  • Receive compiler warnings when alt and title text is missing. Receive warnings when:
  • Image elements are missing alternate text
  • Equation elements are missing alternate text
  • QR code elements are missing alternate text
  • Tables are missing captions and summaries
  • Tables are missing header elements
  • Form elements are missing labels
  • Frame elements are missing titles and names
Accessibility Features

Not Ready for Advanced XML-based Authoring? Author in Microsoft® Word with Doc-To-Help.

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