MadWorld 2015

April 12-14, 2015

Speakers: Experts From Around the World

Full Speaker List Coming Soon

Photo of Paul Stoeklein

Paul Stoeklein View Sessions

Documentation Manager | MadCap Software


Paul Stoecklein has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and documentation specialist. In that time, he has worked for a wide range of companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Edward Jones, and eHelp Corporation. Since the formation of MadCap Software in early 2005, Paul has headed its documentation department.

Photo of Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton View Sessions

VP of Product Evangelism | MadCap Software


Mr. Hamilton has over fifteen years of experience in training, technical communication, multimedia development, and software development. Prior to joining MadCap Software, he served as the Product Manager for Macromedia's award-winning RoboHelp product line. Mr. Hamilton is often a featured speaker at industry events, including TEKOM and STC.

Photo of Paul Pehrson

Paul Pehrson View Sessions

Owner | DocGuy Training


Paul Pehrson has more than thirteen years doing hardware and software documentation. He is active in the tech/comm community, having served in his local STC chapter, as well as on the STC Community Affairs Committee. He is a certified MadCap Advanced Developer, an MVP in the MadCap forums, and is a certified Flare trainer.

Photo of Scott Deloach

Scott Deloach View Sessions

Author | MadCap Flare Certified Developer’s Guide


Scott DeLoach is a MadCap Certified Instructor for Flare, a Flare consultant, and the manager of MadCap's MAD for Flare Certification program. He is the author of MadCap Software's authorized Flare training guides, MadCap Flare Developer's Guide, CSS to the Point, and HTML5 to the Point. You can reach him at

Photo of Jose Sermeno

Jose Sermeno View Sessions

Product Evangelist | MadCap Software


With over 10 years of experience in the software industry, Mr. Sermeno brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the product evangelist team, helping introduce new users to everything MadCap Software. In his spare time, Jose is the Project Director for San Diego City Robotics, the San Diego community college systems robotics program.

Photo of Neil Perlin

Neil Perlin View Sessions

Owner | Hyper/Word Services


Neil is an internationally known consultant, strategist, trainer, and developer for online content in all forms from traditional online help to mobile. To this, he brings 34 years of experience in tech comm, 28 in online formats and tools past, present, and future. Neil is MadCap Certified for Flare, Mimic and various other help authoring tools.

Full Speaker List Coming Soon

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