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A New Perspective on Migrating from FrameMaker® to Flare

Presented By:

Maxwell Hoffmann, Product Marketing Consultant | MadCap Software

Webinar Summary

It’s no secret a significant chunk of MadCap Software customers have made the switch from FrameMaker® to MadCap Flare. These customers had clear objectives, including: “an all-in-one software solution for topic-based authoring, review, translation", "more automated publishing for multiple versions of our manuals to varied outputs", "logical content/project management", and "team authoring and collaboration below the chapter level."

Presented by former Adobe® FrameMaker® Product Manager and industry expert Maxwell Hoffmann, this webinar will cover some of the high-level benefits of developing and managing content in MadCap Flare from a FrameMaker® user’s perspective. Maxwell has over 20 years of FrameMaker® experience and has spent the last 90 days in a deep-dive exploration of Flare (see blog series here). His discoveries, and new insight, may be surprising even to some of the most veteran Flare users.

Ideal for current and former FrameMaker® users, this one hour presentation will highlight Maxwell’s transition into the world of modern content development with MadCap Flare.