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Calling All Propeller Heads: How to Start Your Own Flare User Group

photo of Nita Beck, webinar presenter
Nita Beck, Consultant | Nita Beck Communications

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Webinar Highlights

Can't find a Flare user group in your area? Start one! It's not hard, and just takes a little planning, a bit of management, and a lot of passion.

This webinar offers strategies for starting a Flare user group in your community. We'll cover how to:

  • Find other interested "propeller heads"
  • Choose a location
  • Devise a schedule of meetings
  • Run a meeting that's both fun and packed with information
  • Foster participation and sharing among members
  • Plan activities that keep members coming back for more
  • Establish membership rules and set boundaries (so no one feels taken advantage of)
  • Use technology and social media to manage and promote your group
  • Avoid burning yourself out (if you're the manager!)

Whether you're a newbie, intermediate, or expert Flare user, you will marvel at how quickly your knowledge of Flare (not to mention other MadCap products) grows as a result of participating in a user group. You'll acquire a deeper understanding of how, what, and even why you should "dive deep" into Flare features.