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Secure cloud-based editing, publishing, project and content management for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Cloud-based Content Management with MadCap Central

MadCap Central is a powerful cloud-based content management system that integrates with MadCap Flare, allowing you to easily create, manage and publish content from a central user interface. By combining MadCap Flare’s desktop-based content creation and authoring power with MadCap Central’s cloud-based project and task management, build automation and management, user permissions, team collaboration and more – you get the best of both worlds without sacrificing features, functionality or performance.

MadCap Flare and Central screens working together

Store Content in the Cloud

MadCap Central stores projects, builds and more – such as topics, documents, images, multimedia or other file types – in a central cloud-based repository.

Set of servers shown behind clouds

Source Control using MadCap Central

Use MadCap Central as a cloud-based source control system without requiring any complex setup. From within Flare, simply log in and point your project(s) to the MadCap Central portal to get started. You will be able to keep the local and cloud versions of the project synchronized using integrated source control. You will also be able to generate and publish Flare targets using MadCap Central.

Central Repository Screen with code

Manage Content

Create or import content into the Flare file structure or repository.

  • Import legacy content into an XHTML/XML format for maximum reusability
  • Use the internal content editor to edit topics (content created by or imported into Flare)
  • Use an Internal text editor for direct editing of the content or tags in the code
  • Direct access to the topics code (XHTML)
  • Create authoring templates (topics and everything else)
  • Create new content in a reusable XHTML format
  • Continue to edit documents in their default editors

Publish Content using MadCap Central

Easily publish content to multiple formats from a single content repository. After you successfully generate a target in Central, you can mark that build as “Live” or “Keep”. Setting a build to “Live” means that the output can be viewed by the public.

Diagram showing publishing to different outputs

Content Personalization

Personalize content to specific brand guidelines or audiences – skins, TOCs, variables, snippets, variables in snippets, conditionality, glossaries, stylesheets, CSS mediums, snippet conditionalization, master pages and more.

Monitors showing different personalized output

Workflows for Content Contributors

A streamlined approach to team collaboration, Flare provides workflows designed for efficient content development and management.

  • Contribution and review for managers and subject matter experts
  • Manage complex projects with reports, file tagging and task assignments
  • Manage projects and teams with MadCap Central
Diagrams of 2 different contribution workflows

Search Tools and Metadata Support

Find content and files with search tools and metadata support for topics and outputs.

  • Find and Replace
  • Find in Files
  • Metadata support in topics and outputs
MadCap Flare Find and Replace Screens

Localization Support

Flare was built to support multi-language authoring, translation and publishing. Flare supports Unicode language characters, double-byte Asian languages and Eastern European languages, as well as right-to-left language authoring and publishing including Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Additionally, MadCap Lingo, a powerful CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool for streamlining the entire translation process, for translation management support and reporting.

Find content and files with search tools and metadata support for topics and outputs.

  • Find and Replace
  • Find in Files
  • Metadata support in topics and outputs
MadCap Flare and Lingo used together to create localized output

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