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The Writers Block and MadCap Software to Jointly Address the Indian Market

Signal Traction in Indian Technical Communication & Info Management Space

Bangalore, India – June 7, 2010 – Signaling what may be termed as maturing of the Technical Communication space in India, The Writers Block has entered into an alliance agreement with US-based MadCap Software.

The Writers Block (TWB) and MadCap Software will work together to address the growing opportunity in the corporate information management and technical communications space. The focus of the alliance will be to tap into the information management, knowledge architecture and workflow process management needs of fast growing companies.

The key components of the alliance include the following:

  • Training availability of MadCap’s entire suite of products through TWB
  • MadCap certified consultants to co-manage Information Management projects
  • TWB to enhance training and consulting support to existing MadCap customers
  • TWB will provide MadCap solutions as part of corporate technical communications offerings

Anthony Olivier, CEO of MadCap Software, says, “MadCap Software is quickly becoming the industry standard in technical communication, now in use by thousands customers and taught by many universities worldwide. A number of enterprises are already MadCap customers in India, and the growth and trends in technical communication and information authoring in this region indicate that India is a significant market for information management. The Writers Block is a natural choice due to their strong presence in the Indian market and firm commitment to staying ahead of the technical communication curve.”

Rakesh Shukla, Managing Director, TWB said, “MadCap Software represents change, growth and innovation in technical communication — values we share at The Writers Block. We are proud to be in alliance with MadCap Software and are excited at the opportunity to support their expansion in India. MadCap’s technical expertise and unique growth drivers make them suitably placed in the Indian market at this point in time. Together we can generate unique value for customers.”

MadCap Software, known for its XML-based native architecture, is leading the documentation industry into the future with its complete suite of solutions for content authoring, analysis, collaboration, publishing, translation, and multimedia creation. Through single-sourcing best practices, users can manage their documentation with greater consistency and accuracy across all divisions within a company or organization and publish content to a variety of formats including online, desktop, print and mobile.

TWB is Asia’s significant Technical Communications firm, serving the market with unique consulting, outsourcing, training and education offerings. TWB works with companies to help manage their information & communicate information they posses with their eco-system. TWB’s consulting offering is aimed at making organizational information explicit, referencable, reusable and make for effective decision points for our customers. Use of innovative technology and technical communication techniques are deployed by TWB to create solutions to meet technical publishing needs to businesses.

About MadCap Software

MadCap Software is a trusted resource for thousands of companies around the globe for single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solutions designed to streamline the process of developing and delivering training content, learning and development programs, technical documentation, online Help, knowledge bases, and more. From authoring, publishing and translation, to cloud-based content management system, to contribution and review in the cloud, you can streamline content delivery and manage the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software. MadCap Software’s services include product training, consulting services, translation and localization, and an advanced developer certification program. Headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Austin, TX, MadCap Software is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the content development industry.

About TWB

The Writers Block (TWB) is Asia’s leading technical communication and publishing services provider and caters to the needs of technology and process driven industries. TWB provides world-class technical communication outsourcing, training and publishing services to companies globally. TWB’s expertise spans industries that include IT, technology Products & Outsourcing, ITES, Financial, Aerospace, Defense, Ship Building, Manufacturing and Discrete & Process Industries. TWB offers a complete suite of services that allows its customers to effectively publish the technical knowledge and caters to over 60 large clients globally. TWB offers training under the TWB Technical Writing Certification Programs and has a portfolio of over two dozen certifications available as training offerings. Over 200 companies including SAP Labs, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Wipro, TCS, Sun Microsystems hire TWB certified professionals. TWB’s expertise can be leveraged across functions which include Engineering, Software Development & Support knowledge through user manuals, quick reference guides and instruction guides, product overviews, Illustration/3D drawings; Marketing & Sales knowledge through whitepapers, case studies, newsletters, flyers, brochures, websites, blogs & forums and web based flash demos; Training, Implementation and Support knowledge through e-learning, demos, troubleshooting guides, course materials, installation guides, IETM generated documents and Process Documentation knowledge through ISO & CMMi documentation, policy manuals, process work flow documents. More information on TWB is available on www.twb.in.

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