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MadCap Software Significantly Expands MadCap Lingo 2.0 Translation to Include DITA, MS Word, and Popular Text Standards

The Industry’s Most Integrated Translation Memory and Authoring Tool Solution Also Simplifies Translation with New Align Feature and Translation Memory Database Editor

La Jolla, CA, USA – February 23, 2009 – MadCap Software, the leader in multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft XPS, today announced that MadCap Lingo 2.0 is now available. MadCap Lingo, the XML-based, fully integrated translation memory system and authoring tool, eliminates the need for file transfers in order to complete translation—preserving valuable content and formatting to deliver a consistent experience across multiple languages.

With version 2.0, MadCap Lingo significantly expands translation support to include the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard, Microsoft Word, and a range of standard text and language formats. Additionally MadCap Lingo offers new features to facilitate the translation process. The enhancements to MadCap Lingo expand MadCap’s leadership as the only truly integrated authoring and translation memory tool provider. Through direct, seamless integration between MadCap Lingo and MadCap’s industry-leading authoring and multimedia applications (Flare, Blaze, X-Edit, Capture and Mimic), MadCap offers the most powerful integrated authoring and localization workflow available.

In conjunction with the launch of MadCap Lingo 2.0, MadCap is introducing additional purchase options to support use by freelancers or other users with temporary requirements. New options include the MadCap Lingo Translation Pack for $999, which features one perpetual license and ten three-month subscription licenses, as well as standalone subscription options starting at $149 for a single, three-month subscription.

Translation of DITA, MS Word and More

MadCap Lingo 2.0 is the first MadCap product to provide complete DITA support, which will be extended across MadCap’s family of content authoring and publishing software in 2009. It addresses the growing worldwide demand for structured content based on the DITA standard through the ability to translate DITA content without third-party toolkits or developer resources. Users simply import DITA projects from any source of DITA content; complete the translation and localization; and then either publish the translation as DITA content or export it to a Flare or Blaze project. No programming is required.

Translating content created in Microsoft Word is equally simple with MadCap Lingo 2.0, since it now seamlessly imports the content from Word. Users can then complete the translation and export the translation back into Word to be published. MadCap Lingo 2.0 similarly supports the translation of content created using a range of text and language standards, including HTML, XML and RTF, to name a few.

“Multinational operations, not only need to support multiple languages, but also the many industry standards for creating content throughout the enterprise,” said Michael Hamilton, MadCap vice president, product management. “MadCap Lingo 2.0 uniquely addresses this demand by coupling integrated authoring and translation with support for DITA, Word, and other global standards to bring unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use to the process of delivering content in users’ language and format of choice.”

Hamilton added, “By eliminating out-of-project file transfers and bridging the gap between authors and translators, MadCap also maximizes translation reuse and reduces project cycles and cost by eliminating the risk of losing valuable content and formatting between authoring and translation—vastly improving our customers’ time to market.”

Streamlining the Translation Process

The expanded translation support in MadCap Lingo 2.0 is complemented by the addition of two new features to streamline the translation process. The Lingo Align function lets users view original and translated documents side-by-side in order to more easily validate the aligned segments. Once the alignment process is completed, the aligned segments can be uploaded to improve an initial or existing translation memory. The new database editor provides a visual easy-to-use tool for deleting items directly from the translation memory database. It also lets users make corrections and add new ones.

Version 2.0 builds on the proven performance of MadCap Lingo, which has set new standards for functionality and ease-of-use in translating content. MadCap Lingo features a comprehensive built-in translation memory system, as well as the ability to connect with third-party translation memory systems. It also lets users translate text using the integrated Google service. MadCap Lingo is fully Unicode-enabled and provides support for both single-byte and double-byte languages. Ease-of-use is facilitated by the ability to create “difference projects” that make it easy to focus only on the changes in content, side-by-side translation editors to simplify localization, the ability to edit multiple documents simultaneously, and a file list window that eliminates the need to guess which files require translation.

Availability and Pricing

MadCap Lingo 2.0 is available today. Perpetual licenses are priced at $599 for a single license, $1,995 for five licenses, and $2,990 for ten licenses. Subscription licenses for MadCap Lingo are available at $149 for three months, $299 for six months, and $449 for twelve months. For companies that rely on freelancers, MadCap offers the MadCap Lingo Translation Pack for $999, which includes one perpetual license and ten three-month subscription licenses. MadCap’s solutions are backed by a range of service and support options, delivered by MadCap’s US-based team of authoring and technical documentation experts. Support fees are $199 per year for the Bronze Level, $299 for the Gold Level, and $499 for the Platinum Level. Discounts for multiyear support contracts are also available.

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