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IXIASOFT acquired by MadCap Software – What’s Next?

On February 22, 2023, MadCap Software acquired IXIASOFT. The press release can be found here

Following the acquisition, a lot of speculation from customers, and the technical writing community in general, started to fill social media channels and public forums. And while we have been providing one-on-one responses to our clients, we also want to address any questions or concerns the community may have about this acquisition.

How does the acquisition affect the IXIASOFT product roadmap?

The IXIASOFT product roadmap remains unaffected by the acquisition, and as a matter of fact, we continue to develop new features across minor and major releases. IXIASOFT CCMS will continue to be developed following our standard release cycle, with our next major CCMS version due for general availability in the Summer of 2023.

And as a MadCap Software company, this effectively expands our roadmap, as it allows us to offer more choices in situations where, for example, there is a lack of DITA adoption, or the need to support structured content is less imperative than accessing a solution that is fast and easy to deploy.

Our ability to offer a broader portfolio positions us uniquely in the marketplace as well, as we can offer a longer-term solution across product lines under a single vendor brand. This also allows us to guide customers in a more personalized manner.

Will the IXIASOFT CCMS continue to be supported by MadCap Software?

Yes, and with the IXIASOFT CCMS now added to the MadCap product line, we can offer a solution that meets broader and more complex requirements.

Both the MadCap Software and IXIASOFT product lines are award-winning, but meet the needs of different kinds of customers. What they do share in common, is that they serve those needs extremely well. There is no plan to end either product. In fact, IXIASOFT is joining MadCap Software with their existing teams intact.

Additionally, you will benefit from the same levels of service you are accustomed to, and if you are already engaged with IXIASOFT, for instance through our Customer Success team, you will continue to work with them in the same fashion. The same goes if you are a MadCap Software customer, as you will still be working with the same highly competent staff.

Is the IXIASOFT User Conference still happening?

Yes, the CCMS Link IXIASOFT user conference is still taking place in Munich on May 30-31st 2023. There is also a MadCap Software user conference, MadWorld, taking place October 8-11 in San Diego.

Business and Technology Partners

IXIASOFT partnerships remain unaffected by the acquisition, and the larger organization under the MadCap umbrella also benefits from an expansive partner base, whether it be for local representation abroad or potential client projects. Combining resources also allows us to formalize our partner programs, leading to more structured collaboration and incentives.

What does all of this mean in the short-term?

The products, integrations, add-ons, and partnerships currently supported will remain so, and customers can continue to work with their respective account teams.

Now if you are a typical organization ready to transition from using a word processor in siloed fashion to leveraging a centralized solution that provides a team environment and encourages content reuse, or if you are a larger corporation that requires scalability and presents a large, geographically dispersed authoring team, you can work directly with the corresponding experts that are well-versed in your requirements.

With this acquisition, MadCap Software is now your go-to content management vendor, providing the best possible solution based on your requirements, budget, and goals. Add to that the peace of mind that you are partnering with an industry-leading software provider that brings over 20 years of experience in content development, with a portfolio of solutions to serve your needs now, and as you grow, and some of the benefits of the combined organization become apparent.

What’s next?

The future is bright for IXIASOFT, as the CCMS offering continues to thrive under an extended team, and positions itself in the already impressive portfolio of products offered by MadCap Software. Bringing together two talented teams also means increased synergies around product strategy, customer experience, and technical abilities.

Finally, another important aspect of the combined cultures is that both organizations are highly customer-focused, and will only continue to be obsessed with ensuring a delighted client base, now and in the future.