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84.51° Chooses MadCap Software to Replace Traditional LMS and Create Modern Stratum Learning Center

Retail analytics provider 84.51°, a subsidiary of Kroger, the second-largest general retailer and the seventeenth largest US company, uses MadCap Software to create the Stratum Learning Center, a modern website that combines how-to guides, documentation, training, and multimedia tutorials

San Diego, CA, USA – January 13, 2020 – MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring, today announced that 84.51°, a leading retail analytics provider, has recognized significant gains by replacing its traditional learning management system (LMS) with MadCap Flare and MadCap Central. The full case study is available here.

A subsidiary of Kroger—the second-largest general retailer and the seventeenth largest company in the United States—84.51° brings together customer data, predictive analytics, and marketing strategy to drive sales growth and customer loyalty for Kroger and more than 300 consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) companies in the United States. In support of these businesses, 84.51° has analyzed some 60 million households, resulting in more than 10 petabytes of data and 1 billion personalized offers delivered in the last year alone.

At the heart of the 84.51° portfolio is Stratum, a breakthrough analytics solution that combines rich insights into customer behavior with retail performance measures. Fueled by data on in-store and online transactions from one out of every two households in the U.S., Stratum is used to draw conclusions that reflect consumer behavior nationally.

To help its clients use the 100-plus reports available with Stratum, 84.51° provides the Stratum Learning Center, a modern website powered by MadCap Flare that combines how-to guides, documentation, multimedia tutorials, and training. Among the key benefits 84.51° has realized in using solutions from MadCap Software are:

  • Seamless Learning Experience. Onboarding checklists, guided tours, and courses embedded in MadCap Flare enable Stratum users to get up and running quickly.
  • Faster Search. Micro content enabled by MadCap Flare has enabled 84.51° to create hundreds of specialized micro content pieces in the Stratum Learning Center, which enable users to get the information they need right in the search results.
  • Agile Delivery. Topic-based authoring, single-source publishing, snippets and variables in MadCap Flare enable 84.51° to make weekly documentation updates for the 100-plus Stratum reports.
  • Modern Web Experience. Responsive design, side-navigation, embedded Vimeo videos, and customization of the MadCap Flare-based Learning Center create an intuitive experience for users.
  • Easier Collaboration. MadCap Central has become a popular collaboration tool, enabling subject matter experts (SMEs) to easily review content, see each other's comments and annotations in real time and react to them with updates, corrections or suggestions.

Based on the success of the Stratum Learning Center, 84.51° has developed Learning Centers for two other products, Prism and Agatha.

“When we first announced to the development team that we were going to create a reference guide for every report, every concept, there was a bit of laughter and a fair amount of disbelief,” recalls Casey Schroeder, lead content strategist at 84.51°. “Now, they’re amazed and excited by what we’ve been able to do and how fast we've been able to make changes and stay agile, and it’s all possible because of MadCap Flare.”

“As a company at the forefront in innovating solutions for retail analytics, 84.51° understands the importance of empowering users to access, understand, and make decisions based on timely, accurate information,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap Software founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by the success 84.51° has achieved in developing its comprehensive Stratum Learning Center, which facilitates learning through a modern web experience, integrated training, and rich micro-content-enabled search using MadCap Flare and MadCap Central.”

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