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What’s New in
MadCap Flare 2022 r2

MadCap Flare adds enterprise single sign-on (SSO) integration with MadCap Central, ID attributes on anchor tags, and a new command line activation.

What's New In Flare 2022r2 video

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) for MadCap Central

Log in to MadCap Central direct from Flare using SSO once configured on your license. SSO offers enterprise teams many benefits including streamlined user management and security compliance.

user management icon

User Management

user management icon

Password Management

user management icon

SAML Authentication

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Security Compliance

SSO for MadCap Central

  • Easy to Set Up and Manage
  • Supports Any Identity Provider Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Faster Onboarding Process for Multiple Users
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Additional New Features

ID Attributes on Anchor Tags

You can now add ID attributes to anchor tags (i.e., bookmarks) in your project. Simply select the option in the Advanced tab in the Target Editor for HTML5.

Command Line Activation

You can now activate (or deactivate) the application using the command line. This can be helpful if you are using imaged machines that cannot activate Flare from the user interface.

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How You Can Leverage SSO for Your User and Password Management

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MadCap Flare, June 2022 Release

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Micro Content Expanded

Turn your documentation into a veritable resource to help drive sales & marketing, user experience, and ROI – all without sacrificing the integrity of your documentation.

Micro content can now be designed and displayed as curated “knowledge containers” on any topic or in search results, all managed and controlled by the author.

Key Benefits and Use Cases of Micro Content:

  • Display the most relevant search results for improved user experience and ROI
  • Bridge the gap between Sales & Marketing and your technical documentation by highlighting new products, updated features, promotions and more
  • Include “What” and “How To” information in the search results
  • Add What’s New info in the topic output
  • Provide simple definitions in the search results
  • Include related product plugs in the topic output
  • Add YouTube video links in the search results
  • Provide related resources such as Getting Started Guides in the topic output
page with knowledge panel page with knowledge panel

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A proxy acts as a placeholder for auto-generated content or content that you have created elsewhere.


Generate a list of phrases and responses for the selected micro content file(s) in most outputs.

Knowledge Information

Use a Knowledge proxy to display content such as information about a person, a company, technical specifications, related tasks, and more.

Promotional Content

Use a Promotion proxy to display information about relevant products, events, new features, etc.

How It’s Used

FAQ topic example

Click to enlarge

Integrate meta tags with your micro content for more flexibility and control over what micro content displays in the output and where.

Use Cases for Micro Content

  • Author Attribution in Topics
  • Content in Search Results (Located in Middle-Top)
  • Content in Search Results (Located on Left or Right)
  • FAQs in Search Results
  • FAQs in Topics
  • Marketing of Products or Services
  • Product Warnings and Labels in Topics
  • Random Tips
  • Resources Related to Each Topic (e.g. PDFs, Videos)
  • Technical Specifications in Topics
  • Troubleshooting info in Topics
  • What’s New Related to Topics

Output Types Supported for Micro Content and FAQ Proxies

HTML5 Output Icon FAQ Proxies Icon

question mark iconWhat Is Micro Content?

Micro content is short, concise information that stands alone and is easily consumable. In MadCap Flare, it begins with the creation of a collection of brief phrases and corresponding responses, such as questions and answers.

Introduction to Micro Content

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The micro content in MadCap Flare is fantastic. It allows us to do announcements and get short pieces of information out without confusing our end users, and it has helped immensely with deflecting questions and tickets, and just generally sharing information.

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Ryan Nicholson Director of Content and Training

Improved SEO and Content Management

A Completely New Editor for Meta Tags Makes Content Easier to Manage and Optimize

New added control for meta tags makes it easier to apply metadata to your content. Applying meta tags to your content has many benefits, including making it easier to find information in your source files or in your published output.

SEO and Content Managemen graphic

question mark iconHow You Can Use Meta Tags

Meta tags can support your content management and search engine optimization efforts.

1. Adding Description Meta Tags

description tag screenshot

A good description tag can influence user click-through behavior in search results.

2. Adding Meta Tags Using List Values

Met Tag List Values Screenshot

Meta tags can be used to help to track the overall "status" of a project, such as pending, approved, ready for translation, or publish.

3. Adding Text Meta Tags With Variables


Text meta tags can be added to variables. Apply a copyright tag, for instance, on all text, images, and other content under copyright.

4. Linking Meta Tags to File Tags


Authors already using file tags can leverage their older files and use them with meta tag sets. The meta tag sets provide added functionality.

1. Adding Description Meta Tags

2. Adding Meta Tags Using List Values

3. Adding Text Meta Tags With Variables

4. Linking Meta Tags to File Tags

description tag screenshot

A good description tag can influence user click-through behavior in search results.

Met Tag List Values Screenshot

Meta tags can be used to help to track the overall "status" of a project, such as pending, approved, ready for translation, or publish.


Text meta tags can be added to variables. Apply a copyright tag, for instance, on all text, images, and other content under copyright.


Authors already using file tags can leverage their older files and use them with meta tag sets. The meta tag sets provide added functionality.

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New Analysis and Reporting

New Analysis Reporting Options for Meta Tags

New analysis and reporting features include:

  • Duplicate Meta Tags
  • Used Meta Tags
  • Invalid Meta Values
  • Undefined Meta Tags
  • Unused Meta Tags
Analysis Reporting Options for Meta Tags Illustration

Content Design

A Completely Redesigned Skin Editor for Micro Content

Improve the overall search experience and look and feel for your end-users.

Micro Content Skin Components Icon

Micro Content Skin Components

Additional customization capabilities for FAQs, Knowledge Information, and Promotional Content.

Micro Content Skin Editor icon

Micro Content Skin Editor

A slimmed-down version of the regular Skin Editor that focuses just on the selected skin component and proxy.

MadCap Flare Outputs

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HTML5 Skin Editor Enhancements

Major updates to the HTML5 Skin Editor provide improved navigation and editing capabilities.


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Additional Editor Updates

Topic Proxy Icon

Topic Proxy Style Group and Properties

Added control for content associated with FAQs, Knowledge Information, and Promotional Content proxies.

Search Result Icon

Search Result Style Group and Properties

Control how featured snippets and Knowledge Panel content appears and behaves in HTML5 search results.

Skins and the Target Editor

Skins and the Target Editor

A Skin tab has been added for all targets. This is because the FAQ skin component can be used to style the proxy in non-HTML5 targets that are not deprecated.

Plus: New Updates for PDF and Word Output

PDF Output Icon

Copyright Metadata for PDF Output

New fields allow you to add information about the document's status (Unknown, Copyrighted, Public Domain), notice text, and a URL for information.

Word Output Icon

Document Properties in Word Output

New fields allow you to specify document properties for Word output including Title, Author, Subject and more.

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What's New in MadCap Flare 2022

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Presented By:
Jennifer Morse

Take a Deep Dive with Our Latest Videos

Micro Content

Intro to Learning and Development video
Creating a Project for eLearning Video Thumbnail
Creating a Project for eLearning Video Thumbnail
Creating a Project for eLearning Video Thumbnail
Creating a Project for eLearning Video Thumbnail
Creating a Project for eLearning Video Thumbnail

Meta Tags

Meta Tags part 1 video
Meta Tags part 2 video Thumbnail
Meta Tags part 3 video Thumbnail

Previous Releases

2021 r3 release:
January 2022

  • Branching Support for Your MadCap Central Git Repository in MadCap Flare
  • New Git Publishing Features in MadCap Flare including Sending and Receiving Reviews for Individual Branches
  • Branch Manager Dialogue Enhancements for Git in MadCap Flare
  • New Filter Enhancements for Topic Reviews Make Finding Topics Quick and Easy in MadCap Central
  • New Site Profiles Make Managing Sites Easier in MadCap Central
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2021 r2 release:
July 2021

  • Create Interactive eLearning Courses and Learning & Development Programs
  • Use Pre-Built Templates for Easy Content Creation
  • Quickly Turn Existing Content into a Quiz or Knowledge Check
  • Reuse eLearning Content Across Projects and Teams
  • Publish Content to Your LMS or LRS
  • Improve Cross-Department Collaboration

2021 release:
April 2021

  • New Markdown Import
  • New Layout Resizer Provides an Entirely New Level of Responsive Design Handling and Control
  • Table and Image Support for Cloud-based Reviews in MadCap Central
  • Redesigned Start Page
  • PDF Universal Access Support
  • FrameMaker® 2020 Import

2020 r3 release:
December 2020

  • Browser Content Display Updated to Use New Chromium

2020 r2 release:
October 2020

  • New Micro Content Styles Allow You to Customize the Look of Your Micro Content Search Results, Context-sensitive Help Calls and More
  • Major New Enhancements to List Creation and Management, Including Definition Lists
  • Style Your Variables in Both the XML Editor and Your Published Content
  • MadCap Connect for Salesforce® Publishing Enhancements
  • MadCap Connect for Zendesk® Publishing Enhancements
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) and Tables Azure DevOps Source Control Support

2020 release:
May 2020

  • Micro Content Authoring Adds New Enhancements for Improved User Experience
  • Host and Publish Secure Private Output with Password Protected User Access in MadCap Central
  • Creating API Documentation Has Never Been Easier: Now Add Code Snippets with Syntax Highlighting in Dozens of Coding Languages
  • Publish Your Single-Sourced Content to ServiceNow® with the MadCap Connect Plugin
  • Major Enhancements to Find and Replace: Find Text and Find Elements Authoring Improvements with Collapse and Expand Tags in the XML Editor

2019 r2 release:
October 2019

  • Converting Microsoft® Word Files Has Never Been Easier with Effortless Drag and Drop and a Completely Redesigned Import Wizard
  • Drag and Drop Any File Directly Into Flare for Simplified Content Import
  • Improve Your Documentation and Customer Satisfaction with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics on Your Output
  • Direct Publishing from Flare to MadCap Central
  • Patent Pending Responsive Content Personalization Based on Device and Format
  • Now Import Atlassian Confluence® Files
  • Zendesk® Publishing Enhancements
  • Accessibility Improvements for HTML5 Output
  • FrameMaker® 2019 Import Support

2019 release:
April 2019

  • Micro Content Authoring Powers Search, Feeds Chatbots, Enhances Virtual & Augmented Reality Applications, and More
  • Publish Flare Content Directly to Zendesk
  • CSS Variables Reduce Clutter, Save Time and Ensure Consistency in Your Stylesheets
  • User Interface Localized in Chinese
  • Enhancements for Elasticsearch
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Redesigned Start Page for Easy Access to Recent Projects, Pinned Favorites and More
  • Updated Project Library and Templates

2018 r2 release:
october 2018

  • Source Control Enhancements for Git, Including Branch Merging and Revert Commit Support
  • Security Improvements for HTML5 Output
  • jQuery 3.3.1 Support for Online Outputs
  • Bind Your MadCap Central Projects Securely Using the HTTPS or SSH Protocol

2018 r1 release:
may 2018

  • New Cloud-based Editing with MadCap Central for Streamlined Contribution and Review
  • Extend Your Search with Powerful Elasticsearch for HTML5 Output
  • The Power of MadCap Analyzer Is Now Built Into MadCap Flare
  • A New Side Navigation HTML5 Output for Improved SEO and User Experience
  • MadCap Connect for Salesforce® Improvements, Including Support for Multiple Languages and Salesforce® Lightning
  • Enhanced User Experience with Automatically Synchronized TOCs
  • New Support for SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 365 and Team Foundation Server 2018
  • MadCap Mimic and MadCap Capture Now Bundled Free with MadCap Flare

2017 r3 release:
october 2017

  • New Style Inspector to View and Edit Your CSS Properties
  • UI Enhancements for the Stylesheet Editor, Previews and More
  • Advanced Microsoft® Excel Import
  • Text Analysis for Readability, Average Sentence Length and More
  • Thesaurus Support
  • New Responsive Top Navigation Templates

2017 r2 release:
May 2017

  • Salesforce® Integration
  • Google Search Integration for Custom Search Engine (CSE)
  • Faster Compile Times
  • Top Navigation and User Experience Enhancements
  • FrameMaker® 2017 Import Support
  • Favicon Support for HTML5 Outputs

2017 r1 release:
January 2017

  • MadCap Central Integration for Powerful Cloud-based Content Management
  • Live Dynamic Preview Window for Your Output Including Print, HTML5 and More
  • Pin Your Variables for Quick and Easy Access
  • All-New Clean XHTML Output
  • Associate Conditions and File Tags to New Files
  • Microsoft® Word Equations Converted to MathML on Import
  • Synchronization of Topic Title and TOC Entries
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