TCWorld Conference 2023: A Showcase of Innovation and Expertise 

From November 14th – 16th, the TCWorld Conference in Stuttgart unfolded as a vibrant hub of ideas and expertise, particularly shining a spotlight on the innovative applications of MadCap IXIA CCMS. Our presence at the conference was marked by insightful presentations from our customers, proving the remarkable capabilities of IXIA CCMS in various domains. 

MadCap Software team standing in front of tcworld conference

It turned out to be a very busy conference, with several customers, prospects and leads. Contrary to what you might think, attendees came from all over Europe and beyond, and not just from Germany.  

It was also the first year TCWorld held a dedicated DITA track. IXIA CCMS presented a strong showing here with multiple customer presentations. Attendance at all the DITA track presentations was strong, let’s hope TEKOM decides to make this a permanent and growing track at the conference. 

The hot topic was, of course, AI with a dedicated track at the conference. Our team fielded many questions at the booth about implementing a form of generative AI in IXIA CCMS, as has been done with AI Assist in MadCap Central, IXIA CCMS’ sister product. 

There were many visits to the booth, very visible from afar with the new MadCap Software branding, especially in between presentations. The MadCap staff and our partners were able to supply many personalized demos simultaneously, sometimes up to six. 

The MadCap swag proved exceedingly popular, many students and current customers came looking for stickers for themselves and their colleagues and the chocolates were very much appreciated. Three lucky winners were selected from the daily raffle draw and won $150 gift cards and more. 

Another nice touch to the booth was the “living room” look inviting attendees to sit on our comfy red sofas! The sofas that matched Andreas’ and Dipo’s red sneakers. It was not planned, promise!  

MadCap team memebers Andreas and Dipo sitting on a red chair with matching red sneakers

Another burning question was about the MadCap Software product roadmap for 2024, with many curious about what the acquisition means for all three mainline products.  

Stay tuned for more on that. 

And finally, here’s a brief resume of the MadCap IXIA CCMS presentations at the conference. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event, including other TEKOM events in Europe. 

Roche Diagnostics: Pioneering Content as a Service for Medical Devices 

In a compelling session titled "Content as a Service for medical devices? Yes, we can!", Roche Diagnostics showcased their groundbreaking implementation of Content as a Service (CaaS). They detailed how they connected their Content Delivery Platform to customer-facing apps, enabling dynamic delivery of troubleshooting content. This session was a testament to the flexibility and power of IXIA CCMS in handling complex content needs in the medical device sector. 

Nolwenn Kerzreho: Enhancing Web Content Accessibility 

Nolwenn Kerzreho's presentation, "Moving your content to the Web? Leverage accessibility for a better user experience", emphasized the importance of accessibility in web content. The session highlighted how accessibility helps all users, not just those with disabilities, by making content more navigable and understandable. 

Going Green with Content Strategy 

Another session by Nolwenn Kerzreho, "Going Green – How to reduce e-waste and make your boss happy", focused on the environmental aspect of content management. It explored how content leaders can contribute to the Global Green Initiative by optimizing digital content strategies to reduce e-waste. 

Roche's Diagnostic Success with DITA and IXIA CCMS 

Roche Diagnostics again took the stage with "A successful diagnostic: DITA for Medical Devices", delving into their journey of implementing DITA with IXIA CCMS. This session provided insights into the benefits of structured content in the medical device industry, highlighting the efficiency and compliance enhancements brought by IXIA CCMS. 

Demystifying DITA: A Panel Discussion 

The panel discussion "Demystifying DITA: Unlocking the Potential of Structured Content" featured Sarah O’Keefe (Scriptorium), Pim Bekker (Etteplan), Berhard Waage (NineFeb) and our own Dipo Ajose-Coker from MadCap Software acting in his role as contributor/moderator. This session offered a deep dive into the world of DITA, discussing its benefits for content creation, management, and delivery. An audience-led session, this interactive panel encouraged the audience for those burning issues, doubts, and questions about what, how, and why to implement DITA XML Structured writing. 

The TCWorld Conference was not just a platform for sharing knowledge but also a celebration of the advancements in content management and delivery. The presentations by our customers using IXIA CCMS were a highlight, showcasing real-world applications and the transformative power of our solutions in various industries. As we reflect on the success of the conference, we're inspired to continue driving innovation and excellence in the field of content management and strategy. 

MadCap Software signage at TCworld