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Writing for Field Service: From PDF to HTML5

photo of Trish Edwards, Principal Technical Writer, , Medtronic

Presented By:

Trish Edwards | Principal Technical Writer, Medtronic

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

Global Service Tech Communication at Medtronic writes for employees in the field—people who are maintaining and replacing parts in complex surgical navigation and imaging equipment. Problem: A 3000-page PDF is hard to read on a phone, difficult to search, and easy to get lost in. Problem: Some of the field personnel skip the manual altogether and call tech support instead. We had to rethink how we were delivering content. Was there a way to let our users find the content they needed, just when they needed it? Can we save time when time is critical? We turned to MadCap Flare to develop an HTML output and gained improved searchability, ease of navigation, and a simplified presentation of content to those in the field—regardless of the device they use. In this webinar, Trish Edwards will analyze the obstacles unique to providing service documentation where internet access is not guaranteed, and when system downtime impacts real patients in life-and-death ways.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Trish Edwards, Principal Technical Writer, Medtronic

about the Presenter

Trish Edwards

Principal Technical Writer


Trish Edwards is the Madcap Flare technical lead for Medtronic Global Service Operations (GSO). The Tech Comm team at Medtronic GSO uses Flare to build large service manuals, output HTML versions of those service manuals, print training manuals, and create motion-graphic instructions for service and repair.