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What are All These MadCap Flare Link Options? Drop-Downs vs. Popups, Cross-References and Togglers?

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Neil Perlin, Certified Flare Trainer and Consultant | Hyper/Word Services

MadCap Flare offers a variety of link options ranging from the familiar – hyperlinks, popups, and drop-downs – to the often unfamiliar – cross-references, togglers, and related topics links. In this webinar, we’ll examine what these different options do, discuss their pros and cons and when to use them, and create an example of each one live.

Join Neil Perlin, Certified Flare Trainer and Consultant, MadWorld 2016 speaker, author of Advanced Features in MadCap Flare 10, and president of Hyper/Word Services for an in-depth look at Flare’s link options.