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Using MadCap Flare to Generate API Documentation

Presented By:

photo of Athena Adiksson, Manager of Technical Documentation, , VAS

Athena Adiksson | Manager of Technical Documentation, VAS

photo of Jana Cromer, Technical Writer, , VAS

Jana Cromer | Technical Writer, VAS

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

REST APIs demand detailed documentation to empower partner companies to adopt your API and understand the responses and associated data without a lot of hands-on developer support. MadCap Flare is a robust documentation solution that handles required API details, including illustrative code samples and data schema explanations using drop-downs for improved legibility. Flare is also adept at maintaining multiple API versions or environments with variables and unique publishing targets.

This presentation demonstrates the VAS Customer Documentation team's approach for sharing the details of our API, including code "beautification" using Prism ( syntax highlighting, the indispensable Flare inline text paste option, and variables to handle multiple API versions. Additionally, we are proponents of leveraging a single Flare project to manage product and API documentation to share content across multiple publishing targets for consistency in styling and branding.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Athena Adiksson, Manager of Technical Documentation, VAS

about the Presenter

Athena Adiksson

Manager of Technical Documentation


Athena Adkisson is the Manager of Technical Documentation at VAS, where she works with a team of talented writers to document products for the dairy industry. She holds a master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University and has 25+ years of experience as an technical editor, writer, and trainer in industries ranging from telecom to environmental regulations to dairy farming. As a former FrameMaker and RoboHelp user, she made the shift to MadCap Flare 10 years ago and has never looked back. She considers Flare to be the foundation of a strong documentation team and enjoys leveraging the advanced features to promote a positive user experience.
photo of Jana Cromer, Technical Writer, VAS

about the Presenter

Jana Cromer

Technical Writer


Jana Pospichal Cromer has been a technical writer for 20+ years, and loves taking super complex concepts and distilling them into something the average human can understand. While fairly new to Flare (est. 2019), she immediately latched onto the power and beauty of content reuse using variables and conditions, as well as the speed at which you can use Flare to generate and deliver online help. Jana embraces the more technical aspects of tech writing, including API documentation, and revels in the science-y and nerdy side of her current assignments in dairy tech. She landed at VAS, her dream job, after many years in casino gambling and technology consulting, and continues to find working in agriculture rewarding and endlessly fascinating.