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Using MadCap Flare to Generate API Documentation

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Jana Cromer, Technical Writer | VAS,
Athena Adiksson, Manager of Technical Documentation | VAS

REST APIs demand detailed documentation to empower partner companies to adopt your API and understand the responses and associated data without a lot of hands-on developer support. MadCap Flare is a robust documentation solution that handles required API details, including illustrative code samples and data schema explanations using drop-downs for improved legibility. Flare is also adept at maintaining multiple API versions or environments with variables and unique publishing targets.

This presentation demonstrates the VAS Customer Documentation team's approach for sharing the details of our API, including code "beautification" using Prism ( syntax highlighting, the indispensable Flare inline text paste option, and variables to handle multiple API versions. Additionally, we are proponents of leveraging a single Flare project to manage product and API documentation to share content across multiple publishing targets for consistency in styling and branding.