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Usability Testing for Your Products and Documentation

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Leah Catania, Content Strategist | TraceLink

Usability testing traditionally falls under user experience. Technical writers, however, should be user advocates as well, and as writers who are not as close to the design of the product, we're even more equipped to write a usability test than most product designers.

In this webinar, Leah Catania, Associate Content Strategist at TraceLink will walk through how to plan and run a usability test on MadCap Flare, which will include information about the basics of usability testing, the type of usability tests that you can run during different stages of design, the best practices for writing a usability test plan and script, and how to analyze and report the results. We’ll also learn how usability testing can provide valuable insight into your documentation's information architecture, formatting, and overall clarity.