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The Ten Best MadCap Flare Features You Never Knew You Forgot

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Kate Schneider, Lead Technical Writer | Maxar Technologies

MICROCONTENT! RESPONSIVE LAYOUTS! MADCAP CENTRAL INTEGRATION! Big features headline each new MadCap Flare release, and with good reason: they change the way we work with Flare, and they sometimes even shake up the entire technical writing industry. But what about those “Additional New Features” that get less fanfare? Flare is a gigantic program full of great features. The smaller ones might quietly slide by while we experiment with the new stuff…or we might simply forget about them while we work on our everyday writing tasks.

In this session, I will reintroduce you to (at least) ten of the best Flare features you never knew you forgot. They’re small, but they’re mighty! Among the features covered:

  • Macros
  • Find Elements
  • Time/Date Variables and Update Options
  • Associating Conditional Tags While Editing
  • Dynamic Previews for Conditional Tags/Targets
  • Repeat Last Action
  • Filtering the Content Explorer

MadWorld Conference Webinar Series: This webinar series features sessions presented at MadWorld 2022 Austin. The conference featured 40 sessions covering industry trends and best practices packed with useful takeaways and practical knowledge. The conference showcased industry experts with representatives from Fitbit, Rivian, Maxar Technologies, MadCap Software, and more.