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Responsive Content in MadCap Flare 12: How to Create Responsive Content in Minutes, Not Hours

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Paul Stoecklein, Documentation Director | MadCap Software, Inc.

Every time someone walks into a glass door because they can’t seem to peel their face away from their iPhone, content developers are reminded how important small screens are in today’s world. Creating a responsive skin is no big deal because Flare does that for you. But responsive content is another thing. How can you make sure your content is structured in a way that looks good on screens of all sizes? Enter Flare’s new Responsive Layout Editor.

In this webinar, MadCap Software Documentation Manager Paul Stoecklein will demo this new editor, showing some concrete examples of how and where it can be used to quickly create responsive content. He will also cover media queries and styles, which work together to make these responsive layouts possible. Not only will you see all aspects of the Responsive Layout Editor, but you’ll also see exciting features in Flare 12 that are very useful when creating responsive content grids, including the newly redesigned Stylesheet Editor.

This webinar was adapted from a presentation originally presented during MadWorld 2016.